Sunday, April 27, 2008

Terrible noise..... all the time - day and night, the 12th reminder....

Our whole weekend which is supposed to be spent in rest and quiet has been shattered, yet again. There is a very loud function, probably a wedding, taking place at the MWA Hall.

When I called the emergency police number from my mobile, 112, the response was that they are very busy and that they don't even have time to listen and that I should call later. Then, I heard somebody's voice telling the guy on the phone to tell me that they are sending somebody over. This, I very much suspect was to get rid of me and no such thing is going to happen and we will again, have to put up with the latest noise half the night!

At the same time the the imam at the mosque is also leading his loud prayers. What kind of people are these?

All this is happening because there is nothing like town planning being applied by our local authorities, though, they have such a department. They seem to be there just for show and getting a salary for doing nothing or even downright, breaking their own by-laws.

If these people did any work, they wouldn't have allocated road reserves to questionable people to park trucks, tractors, etc., build mosques, put up a church within the grounds of this MWA Hall and right next to the ICU wing of Aga Khan Hospital, etc. Then, when people went to hold a function, whomever they go to for a permit to hold these loud and rowdy functions, they (the permit giver/s), would THINK about the level of noise they were going to emit as well as take into consideration what and who is in the immediate vicinity. After this, they would monitor the noise level, at this function.

None of the above is being done! And hence, these continuous 'reminders'!

Will we ever know any peace?

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