Sunday, April 27, 2008

Re: Religious and incessant other noise - the 11th reminder

Hi, Elijah!

Even as I reply you, my frequent calls to the cops have been ignored and the 'pastor', if one can call such an unmerciful person, so, has reached record decibels in giving his sermons and their gospel music, too. One gets the impression that he is either very annoyed with God (Astaghfirullah), and or is scolding his congregation for the past couple of HOURS!!!

Re, NEMA - their laws and regulations seem to be applied selectively. Only 'rich' neighbourhoods get attention from them, not, the average ones or the poor.

As you will have noticed, I send these emails to them, too, but, nobody from NEMA has paid any attention to them. Our suffering is not valid, it seems.

Therefore, like the water 'reminders', I've started doing the same regarding the noise around us. Let us see, how many reminders it will take, if at all, for 'officialdom' to walk their talk!


elijah Agevi wrote at 12:15 PM:
Hello Raziya,  We fully understand and share your frustration. I gather that NEMA has recently established new sound regulations and have indeed acquired the necessary equipment! Could these be used? Can NEMA help? One would imagine that this is squarely is in the court of NEMA?  Please keep on the just war on injustices of all kinds in our society.  Elijah 

On Sun, April 27, 2008 11:47 am, Raziya wrote:
'Morning!   This weekend, it seems that the patients at the two neighbourhood hospitals and the residents are not supposed to rest! The four churches around us are, at present, making loud noises of what they would call 'gospel music', variety. Of course, the one mosque here, will also join in their racket comes time for midday prayers.  In fact, if you've noticed, I've been writing every single day since Friday, about the noise issue. Yesterday, it was twice in a day! Why? Because, all the officialdom I write to, seems to be suffering from a collective deafness. Could it be due to the excessive noise in our midst? Their ears and by extension their brains have quit working?   I was mentioning this awful noise making in the middle of residential areas and near hospitals to a police officer, recently, and their attitude towards it. He completely agreed with me about the noise being a nuisance and that there was no cause for these people to be heard outside of their current places, i.e. where they are holding these functions. Be they religious or otherwise, as happened yesterday at at the Aga Khan School grounds and every weekend in our area at the MWA Hall. But, he told me that some of the officers can't seem to separate themselves from the noise when it comes to  noisy issues of the religious kind. They seem to be under the impression that they will be cursed if they stop them!  For all these people's information, my request is not to stop these people from worshiping for I, too, do so. The only thing I ask is for them to worship in a manner that will not disturb others around. After all God/Allah is definitely NOT DEAF, Astaghfirullah! He can hear our innermost prayers, more so when they are done in a quiet dignified manner. Not in the way they are doing at present which raises the ire of the people around them. In fact, they are most likely being cursed by the patients next door and the residents (I am one of them), whom they disturb without let.  One example of 'civilized' services is the Catholic Church. One will not be able to hear them worshiping outside their doors. And that place is big, yet, they manage to NOT make pests of themselves and still worship? It was only once in recent memory that I heard, for nearly a week, some kind of loud promotion going on within the church grounds. But, since then, it's very quiet, mercifully.  Do these people, both Muslim and Christian need to be told this like little wayward children every other day?

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