Friday, April 25, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 8th reminder

I have no idea how many 'reminders' it is going to take to achieve peace, but, specifically to find out and let everybody else know, too, I'll continue with these 'reminders' of mine, as long as I'm able, Insha'Allah!

Early this morning, the small neighbourhood mosque's Imam was back to making a racket. Yes, I will call it a racket rather than prayers, because, he is not supposed to disturb others who are also praying in their houses. And considering this is not an all Muslim neighbourhood, and even if it was, he has no business being heard outside his tiny mosque (and this applies to all the other mosques everywhere in this country), as it's not valid for one to follow him from outside. Therefore, why should he be heard outside the mosque when leading prayers? Can somebody please tell me? And when trying to do so, the person defending this insanity, must also first give Qur'anic references not from the Prophet's (pbuh), Sunnah alone. Because, nowhere will they find such a practice by the Holy Prophet (pbuh), or even any of his companions, either.

Today being Friday, we're soon also going to be inundated by loud recitations of the Holy Qur'an before Friday prayers, which also is another innovation. We're told in the Qur'an itself that when it is being recited we should hold our peace and listen to it with attention. How many people out there, including so-called Muslims, are so inclined or even have the time? And even if all this was possible, which recitation from which mosque would one listen to?

All the above are logical questions with reasoning, but, our policy makers, so many of whom are Muslims, have quit using their God given grey matter and just get excited and 'offended' when somebody opposes or questions their current practices. They should apply their reason for as the Prophet's (pbuh), hadith goes, the one who applies it in matters of religion is superior to the one who does not!

Next, comes the Christians and their loud 'services' over the lunch hour at the MWA Hall every weekday. They are also still at it, completely impervious and couldn't care less, attitude about the residents and the two hospitals in the neighbourhood.

Officialdom has still not done ANYTHING about ANY of these noisy issues....., yet. Of course, from tonight that Hall is liable to be hired to equally noisy wedding parties, etc., when they will keep everybody awake thereby dictating their bedtimes. Regardless of whether anybody is ill, old, very young or the people just don't want to listen to this kind of racket which is being imposed upon them.

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