Sunday, December 27, 2009

Outages and fluctuations galore!

One would think that Nyali being such an up market area, there would be hardly any of the above and also the fact that we've just 'celebrated' the 46th anniversary of our so-called Independence (from what?!), citizens would expect that every corner of this benighted country would be lighted up. And it would be expected that this would be by means of clean, renewable energy like solar and wind instead of the same old 'dirty' fossil fuel kind.

But, since Independence our so-called leaders have done NOTHING but EAT and politicize every imaginable service provision in the country and run it to the ground if not left it destitute to die a 'natural' death. Unfortunately, for us, the Wananchi, we bear the brunt of it by philosophically reacting to any glaring impunity by saying, 'oh, what can we do (helplessly...!), we live in this horrible continent of Africa where things hardly ever work 'normally', if at all and there's corruption everywhere!'

Little do these people realize that had this been happening in any other country where most of us would like to escape to, these so-called service providers would have been taken to task and made answerable for their impunity and comes the next election, NONE of the perceived crooks been re-elected. But, that can only happen when the people are educated enough to take these service providers to court.

Nearly everyday Nyali suffers from outages and power fluctuations not once but umpteen times in a day. Why? I was told that there is only one long line from somewhere in Mishomoroni to everywhere and therefore needs to be shortened to deliver proper service. Since we're into our 46th anniversary of Independence, what have these people been doing all these years? They woke up just recently? Or when people started really complaining of their electrical gadgets packing up. And then, too, our Kenya Weakness & Darkness is taking it's own sweet time and taking shortcuts in dealing with the problem. Maybe, I should try and get ALL of Nyali residents and should the rest of the town want to join me, they can, in suing the service provider responsible. Any takers?

We are very FED UP of their lousy 'service'!!!!

We're still waiting for the power to be restored and since 9.00 am, this is the second time, already.....