Monday, November 2, 2009

Another country wide outage

One really wonders WHY the KPLC (renamed by me to Kenya Weakness & Darkness), has deteriorated it's 'services' so much that now we don't just suffer localized outages, but countrywide ones! An example is yesterday evening.

While the power was restored after about 2 to 3 hours in most major towns (cities?), this was not the case in Kisumu where it came back on at 12.45 am!

Another thing that amazes me is that these people when one manages to get through to them, cannot, give an explanation as to why they have blacked out the whole country. In fact, it doesn't even make major news, anymore nor do the KPLC officialdom deem it fit to explain their incompetence. Or even apologize to it's countrywide consumers for the numerous inconveniences and problems they cause not to mention the many electrical gadgets that pack up due to them. I wonder if they would pay us damages for this?

And what about the various accidents that this causes and when people either get hurt or even killed because of them. Do they even think about the present security situation in the country, too? When anything can happen to citizens and visitors alike under cover of darkness?

This is highly unacceptable in any 'civilized' society!