Thursday, October 31, 2013

Needed URGENTLY by Kenya Power.....

Since the 'black' Thursday when this awful and irresponsible power company put the whole of Mombasa through the most trying and damaging 4 to 5 day outage due to some 'big' fire at their Kipevu plant (one wonders why it happened), we, in the North Coast have been suffering more than our usual outages/fluctuations and we are truly at the end of our tether. In other words - we've HAD IT!!!!

Since yesterday these constant outages have reached an unbelievably long time to fix.

For example, when we suffered the 3rd outage of the day yesterday evening at around 6.15pm, it  didn't come back till nearly 2.15 am this morning.

After having suffered the whole night, one would imagine that today this rotten in the extreme power company would make sure that we had power uninterruptedly for the remainder of the day to be able to do our work.

But, it was not to be. Just after 11.00 am, the power suddenly went off and didn't return till around 3.00 pm.

Since we have so many outages and fluctuations due to various reasons like cable problems, fires, etc., one gets the feeling that this outrageous power company is totally unfit to do it's work. Hence my subject line - we need some competent, honest and ethical people to take over this pathetic company.

The present lot seem to be completely irresponsible to the damage their actions or lack thereof, cause to the consumers.

Get your act together, Kenya Power!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our thuggish power company

This is a follow up of what I wrote earlier in the day. 

Since that time, we've lost power at least twice without any reason given.

One of the reasons I call them thugs (in disguise), is because they feel no remorse and have even heard them laughing and joking while they make me wait on the phone. That is IF I can even get through to any of the numbers I have.

I would suggest to our cash strapped government and it's various 'arms' to forget about celebrating with any pomp or ceremony this year's 50th anniversary of so-called Independence. We're anything but, thanks to our various 'service' providers top among them being power and water. These two are highly essential for living in the 21st century. For, instead of improving over the past 50 years, we have been regressing.

We have very little to be proud of and we are still overcome with a population, over 50% of which, still leaves under the poverty line.

And guess why? Because, cost of living is sky rocketing while majority of the young are unemployed. 

This is a Catch 22 type of situation where with a high cost of living most people who might employ cannot afford to do so. After all basic necessities of life like water and power (especially the last), keeps getting expensive yet does not deliver a reliable supply. In fact, it causes untold damage to equipment and also lives.

We dread tomorrow as Kenya Power (?), will, as has been the case since over a week, plunge us into the dark ages over and over again and through the day without an explanation or notice!

We've really had ENOUGH!!!


Another example of thuggery in high places.... Unaccountability, irresponsibility and mismanagement seems to be a disease that EVERY government that takes office seems to suffer from.

Why make the citizens suffer for these crooked politicians?

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Sh338 billion of last Budget unaccounted for, report shows

Updated Wednesday, October 9th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3


We were very frustrated by their (accounting officers) deliberate efforts to deny us information — Edward Ouko, Auditor General

The refurbished Migori County Governors office. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
KENYA: Over Sh338 billion of the total government expenditure for 2011/2012 was unaccounted for even as the State struggles to raise fresh revenue through new measures like VAT.
Only 6 per cent of the Sh920 billion that the government spent (Sh55.2 billion) was fully accounted for, according to a new report released by the Auditor General Tuesday.
The damning report indicates that a further Sh561 billion lacked adequate supporting documents, highlighting the shocking loopholes that lead to the misuse of government funds.
Auditor-General Edward Ouko said about a third of the 252 financial statements of institutions he audited were either deliberately misstated or revealed fraudulent expenditure.
"We were very frustrated by their deliberate efforts to deny us information," Mr Ouko said, referring to the accounting officers' failure to provide documents to support their expenses.
Other expenditures were not authorised, he added.
The massive loss of government funds brings into focus a cash-strained government that is struggling to meet its most basic obligations including healthcare, food security and salaries for its workers. In the current year, for instance, the government widened the 16 per cent VAT net to cover a host of consumer products in a bid to raise additional revenue, which saw the price of basic commodities skyrocket.
Mr Ouko identified malpractices in government as absence of proof of payment, over-expenditure, unpaid bills and unaccounted for imprests by government employees.
Five government ministries spent Sh7 billion without parliamentary approval under recurrent expenditure. This is 20 times more compared to the figure recorded in the 2010/2011 financial year.
The Ministry of Education once again found itself under the spotlight of irregular spending after spending Sh5.5 billion on the free primary and secondary school programmes without parliamentary approval.
Plagued by scandals
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Since the DARK THURSDAY....

As the subject matter says, since that Thursday when this monopolistic and questionable so-called 'power' company immersed the whole of Mombasa into the Dark Ages, we've had nothing but trouble. Even more than usual.

First, most of this town (I refuse to give it 'city' status with the kind of 'services' it gets), did not have power for nearly 5 whole days!!!!

One wonders if we were in a state of war since only such a condition would warrant a situation like the one this horrible power company put the residents, through, without a word of explanation or apology or compensation for all the damage that it put the residents.

Since, that Thursday, we in Nyali have had continuous outages and fluctuations EVERY SINGLE DAY, again without any explanations or apology or notifications. As expected most times the phones go unanswered, too. Especially, after one has informed them of the outage, subsequent calls to find out the cause or the duration will not be answered. 

What are the residents to deduce from these constant outages? And how are we supposed to plan our work for the day? And will this disgusting, unaccountable company going to EVER take responsibilty for its irresponsible actions?

We are VERY TIRED and FED UP of this!!!