Monday, June 29, 2009

Water situation enlightenment regarding up-country

I've just returned from a visit to Nairobi and further up-country for the past one and a half months.

First, to mention the very serious issue of Nairobi's water situation. While the water levels at the dam (reservoir), are at an all time low, this is compounded by the incompetence of the umpteen numbers of 'water bodies' that have been brought into being in this country to supposedly regulate and manage this very important and life-giving resource.

Do they know about the one case in point in the Parklands/Highridge area, where water is being wasted at the previous Highridge Teacher's Training College? The water tank there is overflowing with this precious fluid while the whole neighbourhood is going without water, since WEEKS!!!! No one seems to care.

Then, ironically, the residents of Nairobi can buy very cheap (compared to the other outfits who sell this by the tankerful), water from the Nairobi Water Company and in addition also pay 'phantom' water bills despite getting no water through their pipes. Is this some kind of scam to fleece the residents? And where does the Water Company get it's water, anyway, but can't supply the consumers via their pipes?

Also, compared to Mombasa's situation, I noticed that infrastructure in general all over the up-country areas are being improved in leaps and bounds, unlike Coast Province. Why is that? Do the politicians and politics of the area have a hand in this?

Knowing our obsession to politicians and politics with regards to every service delivery issue, I get the feeling that our local politicians seem to be totally incompetent and are least bothered about developing this province. They are just busy filling their own pockets, I think.

Is it any wonder that people from up-country generally regard us as quite an illiterate and thick headed lot. To an extent, they are right.

Wake up, everybody!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Noise in the name of functions and religion - 39th reminder to NEMA and others concerned....

Do we live in a country which observes laws? NO!!!!!

Do we live in a country which has any respect for human rights? NO!!!!! Again a deafening reply.

Nearly every weekend some GoK official allows loud and noisy functions to be held at the Mombasa Women's Hall which is right next to one hospital and within hearing distance of another and is also in a residential neighbourhood, but none of this makes an iota of difference to the thick headed and selfish merry makers and the equally like minded 'permit givers'.

The cops, when called will do NOTHING to stop the racket, either. They seem to be under the impression that the noise makers are within their rights but, not the ones who have the right to have a restful and undisturbed night and life.

In fact, this country is one noisy place! For wherever one goes, one is inundated by noise whether of the religious variety or otherwise. Regarding the religious variety, officialdom is superstitious in the extreme. They seem to think that they will be damned to all eternity, if they try to stop the religious noise makers, whether they be Christians or Muslims.

Very few have any respect for the law including law-makers and upholders, especially the last. They break the law with total impunity and NEMA which is supposed to be doing something about this particular pollution is completely impervious to complaints by the public. They might talk big, but, they do not walk their talk.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards, a while back talked about this particular issue but, have gone silent, since.

Does NOISE of any kind, not bother anybody? Especially, the ones who are supposed to deal with this very annoying POLLUTION?