Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 182nd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

The people in the Water delivery sector seem to be totally devoid of a conscience. Nothing seems to be penetrate their proverbial thick skins. Despite so many reminders over the years and I've just started keeping a log of the numbers a few years ago. Before that, I used to write to them as well as pay them repeated visits regarding the deteriorating water delivery, but, got no concrete answers that one could to hold them to.

In fact, IF, they even replied my 'snail mail' letters, it would be a couple of lines long and a kind of standard reply saying, ' Could I please avail them of my account number so the matter could be investigated', i.e. as though I was the ONLY one missing this precious fluid.

Probably, because the same old employees still populate those offices though the names have changed, i.e. from the Ministry of Water to NWCPC to what it is at present Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company and the Coast Water Services Board. The NWCPC was split into two as seen above. None of the above mentioned and present outfits have made any difference to the Coast's and in particular, Mombasa's water situation any better. If anything, it continues to worsen.

One wonders why this is the case when the powers that be, seem to be under the impression of, 'the more the merrier', in this service sector. Therefore, we demand that our precious money collected in various forms - unbelievably high taxation and while paying our phantom water bills every month - that our Honourable Minister Mrs. Charity Ngilu, dissolve all these various outfits forthwith and come up with only ONE organization for us to deal with and other than her, not another politician within sight or sound, please!

We are VERY FED UP of these last bunch of very questionable individuals who insist on politicking at every opportunity they get while no water flows from our taps, nor any improvement seen over the years. Can she and is she capable of doing this?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Charcoal sellers saga, continues.....

At just before 2.30 am this morning, a Canter arrived here, full of sacks of charcoal. At around the same time, all the lights in the neighbourhood, including the street ones, went off, and the mosque's generator started it's noise! In fact, the neighbourhood erupted with various types of noises, the loudest being the generator's and the remainder coming from the Canter which started it's off-loading of the sacks in a very clandestine manner. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the Canter's registration number, this time, since it was pitch dark and the headlights of the canter were on.

Anyway, I immediately called the 112 emergency number from my mobile to activate the cops, but, I don't think anybody came despite the cop answering, assured me that he would send somebody here.

Now, it amazes me that these cops who answer the emergency calls are totally at sea when one is trying to give them directions to any place that needs their attention. Add to this the fact, about how this Canter full of charcoal sacks managed to avoid the many road blocks on it's way here from wherever! One gets the feeling that the traffic cops as well as various other 'officialdom' are in cahoots with these crooks. And therefore, their fellow cops are very averse to doing anything about stopping or investigating such incidences. All the while, our forest cover keeps getting destroyed and by extension so does our water catchment areas.

I last wrote about this issue on 6th February 2008 when this neighbourhood charcoal seller got his last consignment. And I thought, 'officialdom' had taken action since then and stopped him getting anymore. He's not got any, all these past months. But, it would seem that nothing has been done about the issue, still.

Does anybody out there care about this country, anymore? Enough to take 'action'? I truly fear for our country's future and it's so-called future leaders and citizens! This charcoal seller (hawker?), has befriended a glue-sniffing street 'man', to do his bidding and who 'squats' under our staircase. Everytime I get a visitor, he asks for money in exchange for keeping an eye on their car, if they have any. And when they leave (especially the female ones), follows them in a kind of daze! How safe are we in such a neighbourhood?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 181st reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Re: Reishi Water Plea

To continue from where I'd left off the 180th 'reminder', last week....

I'd mentioned a Water Petition with over 900 signatures to the various water bodies including the Council and the following email gives added weight to the solution that has been suggested there - Desalination.

This Province would never have a water problem IF, starting from the ministry level going all the way down, the officialdom concerned, would really get to work and put our hard earned money (tax and what we pay them in phantom water bills), was put to constructive use instead of paying 'sitting' allowances and all those countless meetings that these people attend but which result in absolutely NOTHING.

Years have gone by with no improvement in water delivery services while the sector has 'expanded' to unbelievable proportions, like a many headed monster, yet, still no water coming through our taps! So, what is being done about it? Why does nobody out there answer our query?

What an insult to the people of Coast Province and especially the signatories of the Water Petition! The so-called 'service' providers in this sector can be called highly INSOLENT!!!


Reishi Arun Parikh wrote:


Your Excellency(s),

My warmest greetings to you. I send you this Email with the hope and prayer that it reaches you and that you read it with the understanding as you always do in other matters. WATER is the reason for my Email. Daily, all around our Country, Kenyans struggle to get WATER. Some get it illegally through corrupting Water Authorities with wrong pipe connections, some steal, some hoard, some misuse where there is plenty.... the Poor Kenyan at the end of all this suffers. Health wise it's a hazard as people resort to borehole and well water, even in Urban areas.

If KENYANS have enough clean WATER, the overall sentiment to Life changes positively.

Mr. President / Mr. Prime Minister, Sirs, I suggest a DESALIATION Water Plant to be installed at the Coast - Mombasa. This Water Plant can then supply and Store the surplus Water to other parts of our Country through the existing Water Pipeline Network.

Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc never have a Water Shortage... their Water Desalination Plants can Desalinate 150 Billion Litres of Clean Water Daily! We just need a small fraction of this.

I Trust you shall put a thought on this matter during your very hectic schedule at the moment.

Your Excellency(s), my deepest and sincere good wishes to you. Asante.

I earnestly await your reply to my Email...i do!

Your's Truely,
Mr. Reishi Arun Parikh

Friday, September 12, 2008

The 180th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Re: Reishi - Letter to the Editor

Now, if 'proof' is needed about the diverting of our precious water (little as it is), to the show ground during the month of August, then, this email below, is one.

Why are the umpteen water bodies 'created' for 'efficient' delivery of it, so very suspiciously silent, of late? Do these people think that the residents will forget that they exist and might leave them alone? Never! Our water problems are still there, and I, for one will not leave them alone.

Our garbage problem, too, is getting impossible. What is our redoubtable Council doing about the burgeoning garbage bins all over? And why are they getting involved in water delivery when they can't even deal effectively and efficiently with garbage collection and disposal? And what exactly to these people do with all the money that they collect from all over? When were the Council's accounts last audited, anyway? Most likely decades ago!

Remember, that the residents of Mombasa and Coast Province at large, are having a mega water problem which can be solved by having a desalination plant/s, IF, these 'water officials' will only think outside the proverbial box. And what is officialdom doing about the water petition I sent them a couple of years ago with over 900 signatures?

Please, can somebody in authority, answer the questions above?


Reishi Arun Parikh wrote:

Dear Editor,

Kindly publish in the interest of the Mombasa residents

RE: Mombasa ASK Show 2008

I was personally traumatised and dejected during my visit for this years Mombasa ASK Show. After deciding to visit the show, the apprehension was high. On the Friday at around 2:00 p.m we were abruptly stopped at the Bamburi Cement Silos at Mkomani by few "Officials" saying the entrance fee for cars is Ksh 500/-. When i politely protested the "Official" rudely gestured me to return in the direction i came from with some verbal additives with his physical gesture.

The Ag. Chairman - Mr. Antony Mrima needs to answer me on my very unpleasant experience.

I am thinking aloud, who cares for these shows anymore? People visit paying Ksh 150/- to enter spend more on Food and drinks, little entertainment and go home. Where is the Business Crowd who will trade goods and build contacts? No one is interested! Where are the International Exibitors?

To add to all this every year Mombasa residents have to cope without water as its always diverted to the Show for "Exibition Needs". Leave alone the uncarpeted Internal Roads, the Dusty Environment and smart pickpockets!

The Mombasa ASK Show is a dying horse and should be scrapped from the National ASK Show Calender. I am very sure the Nairobi and upcountry Shows are by far better. What is the Management of the Show thinking?

Any unrhetoric and logical answer for me?

Mr. Reishi Arun Parikh
Mombasa - Kenya

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 179th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

Well, the very strangely very dry month of August has gone, and we still don't have water and some areas like Kizingo haven't had water in YEARS!!!! With no explanation from our questionable water providers (umpteen numbers of them, in fact, giving a whole new meaning to the adage, 'too many cooks spoil the broth'), for this state of affairs.

This kind of irresponsible behaviour gives rise to a whole lot of environmental problems mainly to our ground water system and playing havoc with it. These days wherever one goes or is planning on renting a house or even buying one (this goes for offices, too), this is a major issue. Everybody who can afford it makes sure that wherever they move, there's water available and consistently. In fact, it's one of main selling/renting point for any house or building.

Now, when one considers that there are so many bore-holes and wells all over the place, which means that there are fewer people making demands on the piped 'fresh' water system, it's highly strange that despite this, our various water authorities can still not supply this precious fluid. Why?

Hence, my allegations that our Coast Water (Dis)Services Board is doing nothing to lay, expand and maintain the water infrastructure and therefore there is no reason for their existence! Please, get rid of these horrors as well as any connection to our equally useless and unaccountable council and by extension all the politicians involved in this very important sector.

These last politicize everything imaginable for their own personal benefit and aggrandizement while the Council is directly interfered with by these same politicians and service delivery to the residents is minimal if at all. Some glaring examples are the overflowing garbage cans all over town, street lights are kept on day and night and some are in a time warp where they are on during the day and off during the night! The crow problem is back with us, too, thanks to the overflowing garbage bins all over and so are the other scavengers in human skin, the glue sniffing street 'boys'. In fact, one of them has been 'befriended' by one of my neighbours and overlooked by a Councillor living in the same block and this guy is now a squatter under the stairs! Informing the Council's housing manager, has brought no action, of course. He was harassing a visitor of mine, yesterday.

Is there EVER going to be any change for the better of which the residents (not politicians), approve? At least in our lifetime?