Sunday, March 24, 2019

An ALERT for people with disabilities!

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis(MS), and have to contend with umpteen numbers of disabilities which can be both visible and invisible to the people around me. But, they ALL have a nasty impact on my daily life. 

Unfortunately, unlike many others, I live on my own without much help with my daily living and therefore cannot assign others to do my shopping for me, etc. This creates very frustrating problems for me due to the fact that I  have very limited energy and movement and get exhausted quite fast.

Therefore, shopping is quite a challenge and more so when our supermarkets not to mention our public transport system, DO NOT cater for disabled people. There are some supermarkets that provide manual wheelchairs, but others not even this, unfortunately.

The ones that provide the manual ones do so with the belief that the disabled person will arrive there with somebody in tow who will push the wheelchair and at most they would have to provide somebody to push the shopping cart (this makes quite a 'train'!). It never crosses the supermarkets' high command that people with disabilities can live alone and therefore when one arrives, like me, to shop, they waste a lot of time to look for 2 people to push the wheelchair and another to deal with the shopping cart. And they most times don't have people to spare to do  this.

I tried informing one such supermarket about half an hour in advance so that we would not waste each others time, but when I called, the person answering told me to come with a maid or something as they would not be able to avail one of their staff!!! When I talked to the manager, I was given the above explanation, but he was good enough to understand my predicament and provided the necessary people.

Naivas supermarkets (in Mombasa, Nyali branch), provides two wheelchairs, but they are only for show. ONLY an amputee would be capable of using those since they have no foot-rest on them! I have talked to the management umpteen numbers of times over the years since they opened their branch here to no avail. They don't care!!!

Carrefour at the 2 rivers branch, ironically provides carts to hook up to wheelchairs, but no wheelchairs! Again, I asked the manager and was told that it is not their policy to do so. Why? 

The ONLY place I found who cheerfully and kindly provides for disabled people is Sarit Centre. Here, from the disabled parking slot one can ask for a wheelchair and it will be brought by a minder who will very willingly take you where you want to go without expecting 'rewards' in return and back again. Thumbs up to Sarit centre for this provision.

Nakumatt is also the ONLY one which provides an automated wheelchair with an attached cart which allows the shopper complete freedom to do his/her shopping on their own.

Now, my question to these supermarkets is this - if they do not want to provide for disabled people, shouldn't they announce so to the public? That their branches will NOT cater or entertain disabled people....., especially the ones, like me, who shop alone?!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Muslim Warrior Admired by Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte

The Muslim Warrior Admired by Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte

Emir Abd Elkader is unknown to most people in the west. He was a Muslim scholar, warrior and leader who earned the respect and praise of high figures of his time (1807-1883) such as Abraham Lincoln, the Pope, Napoleon Bonaparte III, Victor Hugo and Lord Londonderry. In 1846 Timothy Davis, John Thompson and Chester Sage were so impressed by his fight against French colonial power that they named their new settlement after him. The town of Elkader still bears the name of the emir and is located in Clayton County, Iowa.
Town of Elkader Iowa
Abd Elkader was born on September 6, 1808 to a devout Muslim family in Mascara, Algeria. When he was 22 years old, France invaded and occupied Algeria. The Algerians who were no match to the French Army, fought back ferociously. Two years into the occupation Abdelkader was chosen by the Algerian fighters to lead their armed resistance against the French.
To subdue the Algerian people the French commited countless atrocities. They were mutilating Algerian prisoners, severing heads and displaying them as trophies of war, wiping out entire villages, burning men, women, and children alive.
In the book “La chasse a l’homme” the French Count de Crisson writes “We would bring back a barrel full of ears harvested, pair by pair, from prisoners, friends or foes,”. In 1883 a French Government Inquiry Commission said: “We massacred people carrying [French] passes. On a suspicion we slit the throats of entire populations who were later on proven to be innocent; we tried men famous for their holiness in the land, venerated men, because they had enough courage to come and meet our rage in order to intercede on behalf of their unfortunate fellow countrymen.”
Abd Elkader led the resistance for 15 years and initially made great progress by liberating the western provinces of Algeria and setting up a state with its own currency “the muhammadiya” and administrative departments.
Despite the French army’s savagery Emir Abd Elkader fought within the confines of Islamic warfare, strictly adhering to its rules and principles. Long before the Geneva conventions of the treatment of prisoners of war, he issued the following edict: “Every Arab who captures alive a French soldier will receive as reward eight douros. Every Arab who has in his possession a Frenchman is bound to treat him well and to take him to either his commander or the Emir himself, as soon as possible. In cases where the prisoner complains of ill treatment, the Arab will have no right to any reward.” When asked what the reward was for a severed French head, the Emir replied “twenty-five blows of the baton on the soles of the feet”.
Abd Elkader made sure his prisoners were protected against violent reprisals on the part of outraged tribesmen seeking to avenge loved ones. He also invited a Christian priest to minister to their religious needs. In a letter to Dupuch, Bishop of Algeria, with whom he had entered into negotiations regarding prisoners generally, he wrote “Send a priest to my camp, he will lack nothing”. In one instance he even freed prisoners when he did not have enough food for them.
Likewise, as regards female prisoners, he exercised the most sensitive treatment, having them placed under the protective care of his mother, lodging them in a tent permanently guarded against any would be molesters. It is hardly surprising that some of these prisoners of war embraced Islam, while others, once they were freed, sought to remain with the Emir and serve under him.
The Emir’s humane treatment of French prisoners was kept secret from the French forces; had it leaked out, the result would have been devastating for the morale of the French forces, who had been told that they were fighting a war for the sake of civilization, and that their adversaries were barbarians. As Colonel Gery confided in the Bishop of Algeria, “We are obliged to try as hard as we can to hide these things [the treatment accorded French prisoners by the Emir] from our soldiers. For if they so much as suspected such things, they would not hasten with such fury against Abd el-Kader.”
After 15 years of fierce resistance against one of the most advanced armies of the time, the emir was at last defeated and in 1847 he negotiated his surrender in exchange for exile in Egypt. But the French didn’t keep their word and instead sent him to prison in France. There he learned French and studied the works of Greek and Muslim philosophers. He later wrote his first book “Call to the Intelligent”. Hundreds of French admirers who had heard of his bravery and his nobility visited him and he was most deeply touched by the French officers who came to thank him for the treatment they received at his hands when they were his prisoners in Algeria.
A few years later he was exiled to Damascus and on a day of July 1860 his true character was again tested. The civil war that was raging in Lebanon had reached Damascus and the Christian population found themselves surrounded by the Syrian Druze who arrived brandishing swords and knives determined to slaughter them all.
The French newspaper ‘Le Siecle’ on 2 August 1869 documented what happened on that day “We were in consternation, all of us quite convinced that our last hour had arrived. In that expectation of death, in those indescribable moments of anguish, Heaven, however, sent us a savior! Abd el-Kader appeared, surrounded by his Algerians, around forty of them. He was on horseback and without arms: his handsome figure calm and imposing made a strange contrast with the noise and disorder that reigned everywhere. For five days and nights he and his band of Algerians neither slept nor rested, battling out in the streets and guiding Christians to his large mansion where they could dwell in safety. By the time they were finished, they had managed to save over 15,000 Christians, the majority of which were the very same European people who had colonized his native land and were in the process of colonizing others. An Arab leader had, with his life, protected and saved the elite of Europe.”
When France later bestowed on him its highest honor, the “Legion D’honneur” he said: “The good that we did to the Christians was what we were obliged to do, out of fidelity to Islamic law and out of respect for the rights of humanity. For all creatures are the family of God, and those most beloved of God are those who are most beneficial to his family.”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Re: [CofekDigest] #2: What the new Finance Law means to you as a consumer

Reading or listening to the local news these days brings so much anger and pain to the Wananchi that it's unbelievable. Our so-called 'elected' government is responsible for this, unfortunately.

We are some of the highest taxed people on this planet, yet we are a developing country with over 50% of the citizens unemployed and/or living below the poverty line. We also do not get all the services that we pay for through our high taxation system. My question is - WHY?

In fact, we get persecuted instead! Let me elaborate....

Starting in full swing a couple of  months ago, this government suddenly woke up to the fact that a lot of it's public land had been misappropriated and 'developed' and decided, as it usually does, that it should all be returned. 

So, how did it start doing this? Not by going to the root of the problem, i.e., by taking the crooked 'officials' amongst themselves who acquired this questionable land and then sold it to the public as well as the so-called 'town-planners' who, despite knowing that this was questionable land, continued to pass plans for residential and commercial buildings. The buyers of these parcels of land do not necessarily know that what they are buying or investing in is 'public' property. Very few do know, in fact. 

Therefore, by demolishing buildings, the government is punishing people who are most likely innocent of any wrong doing and most will be financially ruined since they would have invested their savings in buying property. 

So, why has this government victimized the buyers only and NOT the sellers and the ones who passed the plans? Very selective, I feel and not at all JUST!

Next, the government has been borrowing for various so-called projects, it claims, without the wananchi knowing all the details and not necessarily with their approval and is now suffering from a huge debt which it needs back to pay pronto. Guess who is at the receiving end of the 'solution'? Yes, we the wananchi, of course! And how is this govt., planning to do this? Of course, by taxing us. 

So, they've passed a VERY UNJUST finance bill taxing an already over-taxed mwananchi, most of whom are unemployed and find it near impossible to lead a decent life. 

I noticed something very interesting in the way the taxes have been enumerated. The one thing that taxes have been drastically reduced for is betting, i.e. gambling. My question to GoK is - is it trying to encourage gambling?! A vice which will ruin some more lives, no doubt.

And as I write this, I've just found out that KRA is going to be fishing into our bank accounts, especially those of us who file 'no returns', to tax what we have in the bank. 

This government is on its way to taxing its citizens to  death all under the spurious label of 'development', for they cannot see or appreciate conditions of life of the majority of this land. They are too high and mighty to even begin to understand....

And to add insult to injury, we are also arrogantly being told to leave if we don't like it. We would, if there was another place than this which we could call home. We are THAT fed up!


On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 at 18:49, Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) <> wrote:
Dear All,

The controversial passage of President Uhuru Kenyatta's memorandum after rejecting the Finance Bill means that Government may raise Sh130 billion in taxes up to end of June, 2019 …

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Monday, September 17, 2018

The VOK dumpsite and other environmental hazards within Mombasa County

Those of us who live in the North Coast of Mombasa and in particular the ones who are compelled to live and work around the above  mentioned dumpsite are suffering from all kinds of illnesses. 

Thanks to the County Govt. who moved the dumpsite from Kibarani, which was a real eye and nose sore and a very shameful site right at the entrance of Mombasa. It was a very unwelcome sight for ANYBODY entering Mombasa County. 

After YEARS of complaints, this questionable place was finally and 'officially' closed, but an equally questionable and horrible one is now being used as a (according to the County officials), temporary dumpsite on the main Mombasa/Malindi road. I  won't call it a highway for it is NOT. It is yet to become one...

This route is used by everyone heading to anywhere further north along the coast of Kenya. Which means that citizens, residents and tourists ply this road and suffer the same consequences that they did when the dumpsite was situated at Kibarani. The letter below is from the Nyali MP regarding this same issue. Nothing has yet been done.
There was another one written by the County to the residents promising to clear the dumpsite within a day or two, but it is now several weeks and NOTHING has been done. This was written on the 30th of  August 2018. As per below.

Unfortunately, this site is smack in the middle  of residential areas as well as businesses and therefore a health hazard. 

The County, instead of clearing it has taken to  burning this HUGE pile of mixed garbage, while at the same time preaches to residents not to burn their garbage on pain of fines and persecution. So why the double standards?

People who live around this dumpsite are suffering from respiratory ailments, etc., and all kind of pests have started to  invade their homes.

Is this County really a responsible one who cares for its citizens' well-being? Why doesn't it keep its word of clearing the dumpsite as its effects are worse than the ones felt at Kibarani? And as per our MP's letter, it seems that the Central government, is also incapable of doing anything! And business continues as usual..... 

I wonder if this email will have the required effect or impunity will continue?!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Illegal destruction of private property and possession!

Joho you have gone too far in this...justice will be done.

His Excellency the President of Kenya (President Uhuru Kenyatta)

Dear Sir

My family and I reside in USA. Before we went to USA we bought a house in Kizingo Mombasa where we stayed as a family from the beginning of February 1982.
When going to USA we left Tenants in different wings of the building. I send my wife Judy Miriga to Kenya to go and do some renovations and repairs on the buildings in May 2015. In the process she hired some people to clean the main house and hand over the door keys to our land agent Mr Lawrence Nyongesa who is also a Tenant at the other wing of the house after cleaning. I paid them by Western Union Money Transfer through Lawyer William Onyango Wameyo Associates of Mombasa for the work done. One of the workers by the name Ochieng Mapengo after cleaning the house went away with the door keys and came back one week later telling the Tenants that my wife Judy did not pay him Ksh. 3,000,000/= (Shillings three millions ). From that time he started harassing and terrorizing our Tenants claiming the whole plot and the buildings belonged to him. That forced me and my wife to come to Kenya to correct the situation on 14th February 2018. On the 16th February 2018 High Court of Kenya, Mombasa gave us a temporary Injunction Order signed by Judge Omollo restraining Ochieng Mapengo and all his agents from trespassing, demolishing parts of the building, destroying or cutting down trees, or in any way dealing with the suit land known as Plot No. 622 Allotment letter No. 75892/XIX pending hearing and the determination of this application for a period of 17 days. This gave him a chance for a hearing to defend himself or raise any question or objection if he was against the Court Order.
We pasted copies of the Court Orders at the main entrance gate and three more on each external doors and we hand delivered the other to our regular Tenants in the other separate rooms in the compound.
After getting the information of the pasted court orders at the premises, he came to the plot and removed and destroyed all the Court Order from the gate and doors and threw them a way and sat at the main gate waiting for us or any police to come.
On 5th March 2018 three days before the Court date of 8th March 2018 he organized with some senior Officers from Mombasa County Government who came with Lorries, the bulldozers and County Workers of about 36 people at around 6.0 p.m. and 8.0 p.m. and forcefully vacated our Tenants and immediately demolished our entire houses at the plot that very night leaving our Tenants under no roof in rain at night. That same evening at around 10.00 p.m., Abubakar Joho brother to Governor Hassani Ali Joho of Mombasa came in the compound to confirm that the house is flattened. The Mombasa Central Police refused to take action arguing that the Order was not addressed to them. To-date Ochieng Mapengo and the Abubakar Joho the elder brother of the Mombasa County Government, Governor Ali Hassan Joho has taken control of our Compound plot after flattening our house and are keeping Security Guards at the gate with Ochieng Mapengo as the supervisor to keep my agents away since we are out of the Country and no arrest or any charges can be made.
What happened is unacceptable and a very serious criminal act in nature. It is an economic sabotage and a social danger and tension to ordinary family like ours. We are therefore writing this letter appealing to your Government to take this matter seriously with immediate action and intervene to protect us from this cruel, brutal and malicious act of the oppressor so that we can recover our loses and damages to our buildings and plot.
We remain to hear from you with the most utmost urgency it deserves.
Thank you in advance
Fred, Judy, Miriga and Family.
C.C. The USA Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson

The above account was sent to me by a friend who lives in Canada and it's highly disgusting! Do we really have any laws to speak of in this country? 

And the cops are so partisan that they refused to write a report...?!

Can justice be done, please?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kenya Power and it's questionable 'services'...

After my last email written a few hours ago when we had an outage and I was writing using my battery, the power came back after about half an hour yet got no apology or explanation nor an answer to my numerous calls to ALL the relevant Kenya Power employees which includes some senior staff based in Nairobi and whose addresses you will find above in the recipients list.

One wonders why they don't answer our calls. One major reason I think is because they do not want to answer our 'difficult' questions. And why would they find our questions difficult to answer? Most likely because they don't have a good answer and/or they think that we are not capable of understanding their 'official' jargon. Or to put it bluntly, they believe us to be stupid. But, it might also be that their answers will lead to more questions which they believe we should not be asking them...?!

And as I  write this, we are again suffering from fluctuations and considering the weather has now changed and it's overcast and raining, this will  be a good time for us to have another massive outage (after all, the last 2 days, we've had these hours long outages just around this time), with no accountability or explanations from this disgusting power company!

Start working in an accountable and responsible manner, Kenya Power.

And please remember, next time don't ever tell us to have patience because every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane out there who gives us their questionable 'services' are all telling to do exactly that and we are very FED UP of hearing this one sentence over and over again repeated by incompetent 'service providers'!

Kenya Power is taking its customers for granted...

Since the 16th of October, we, in Nyali have been having more than our 'fair' share of fluctuations and outages. 

One would think that we are going back in time to when Nyali residents were suffering from these issues on a daily basis umpteen times a day!!!

And after our so-called scheduled 'maintenance outage' on the 18th of October, things have gone even worse for want of a better word. In fact, intolerable. When we call these employees of  Kenya Power, and IF we can get through, the one standard reply we get is to observe patience and that is IT!

Unfortunately, we are very fed up of this reply not just from this service company, but it is used by ALL the so-called service providers to cover up their inefficiency and incompetence. What do these people think we are? That's when they give us such a blanket statement, we will be satisfied? 

As I write this, we've lost power, yet again!

We have been losing power every single day  for  HOURS on end!

We are now without power again and NOBODY from this awful company is picking their phones, either...., including their superiors!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Campaign racket

As I  write this, we, in this residential area of Nyali (near Cinemax), are being inundated with an unbelievably ear-splitting campaign racket coming from the main road. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY come rain, hail or shine. 

We, the residents are least interested in this kind of 'banana republic type' of campaigning that our useless, brainless and idiotic so-called politicains have of trying to get themselves votes from us.

Since we cannot engage them with our questions on what they stand for, etc., most of us WILL NOT BOTHER TO vote for such insensitive and disturbing politicians, most of whom are a 'recycled' lot who care NOTHING for law and order or justice!

Can the present, nearly on the way out (hopefully), politicians still holding office, please do their final service to the residents of Mombasa by getting rid of these noise polluters, please?