Friday, November 20, 2015

Everyday outages, why?

I am being compelled to write this on behalf of a lot of Nyali residents and also others, further afield.

Not a day...., or night passes without complaints on our Nyali Residents' whatsapp group where someone or other (and this is in the plural), does not have power or having fluctuations or suffering from a low or high voltage.

Now, at least a couple of senior ranking officials, one of whom, is the chief engineer, are on this  list, and they like the rest of us can read these complaints most of which are written with reference numbers, but very rarely do we get a response online regarding the various issues.

There have been cases of people getting hurt by falling when the power suddenly goes off as well as equipment dying due to these continuous outages and fluctuations. Who is going to  foot the damage? Some residents have tried claiming from Kenya Power but, I am told that it got them nowhere.

Just last weekend there was the matter of Sunview Apartments having lost power due to a power pole which fell over on Saturday night. The residents immediately informed Kenya Power and as usual reference numbers were dished out in plenty, but that is where the matter stopped.

Now, there was no rain the whole weekend and NOTHING was done despite Kenya Power being repeatedly reminded over and over again of the residents' predicament. However, I only found out about it when a friend sent me a message late on Sunday night, but did not see it till sometime in the morning. 

That is when I  started calling all of  these officials to restore power to  a whole estate which had been in darkness for nearly 2 days!

Unfortunately, after a weekend of bright sunny days, we were treated to torrential rains on Monday. 

Therefore, this is the excuse that an employee called Kahindi gave to one of the residents for not being able to restore their  power and that is where the matter stopped. 

Fortunately, I found out about it and informed the Regional Manager with details of this man. 

Finally, these frustrated residents got their power back on Monday night - 48 hours from the time they lost it!

Why did it take Kenya Power so long to respond? And is Kenya the only country in this world which gets torrential rain and is that a valid excuse for Kenya Power to stop working? How do places where they get blizzards, etc., manage to give service?

First, why is Kenya Power behaving like this? 

Second, why are we having so many outages, fluctuations and surges every single day and not just once, but, umpteen times?

Third, is there some kind of shady deal going on where, they make people suffer by not restoring power immediately so that, the people concerned will dish out some monetary 'gifts' to them to do their work?

We are becoming very suspicious of the way Kenya Power is currently 'working' (more like not working), despite their unbelievably high tariffs.

We need answers, please,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Higher tariffs = Shoddy services = Kenya Power

Why does this monopolistic power company behave like this?

I have noticed that despite being on our Residents' Association Whatsapp group, they do not  read the members' power grievances and hence do nothing , sometimes for days on end. And the residents of Nyali, as elsewhere in Mombasa, go  without power.

Some senior employees of KPLC are in our group, but they either do not read these messages which are usually with reference numbers, or prefer to ignore them altogether. Why do  they do this?

It is disgusting that we still suffer from awful fluctuations all the time and/or outages umpteen times a day. And Kenya Power has no apology or explanation to give us. How insolent of them!!!

They are behaving in the classic way that monopolistic companies behave. Can these people, please give an explanation and apology for their so-called 'services'? And also respond to our grievances promptly, please?

We are getting very fed up!


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