Saturday, September 22, 2018

Re: [CofekDigest] #2: What the new Finance Law means to you as a consumer

Reading or listening to the local news these days brings so much anger and pain to the Wananchi that it's unbelievable. Our so-called 'elected' government is responsible for this, unfortunately.

We are some of the highest taxed people on this planet, yet we are a developing country with over 50% of the citizens unemployed and/or living below the poverty line. We also do not get all the services that we pay for through our high taxation system. My question is - WHY?

In fact, we get persecuted instead! Let me elaborate....

Starting in full swing a couple of  months ago, this government suddenly woke up to the fact that a lot of it's public land had been misappropriated and 'developed' and decided, as it usually does, that it should all be returned. 

So, how did it start doing this? Not by going to the root of the problem, i.e., by taking the crooked 'officials' amongst themselves who acquired this questionable land and then sold it to the public as well as the so-called 'town-planners' who, despite knowing that this was questionable land, continued to pass plans for residential and commercial buildings. The buyers of these parcels of land do not necessarily know that what they are buying or investing in is 'public' property. Very few do know, in fact. 

Therefore, by demolishing buildings, the government is punishing people who are most likely innocent of any wrong doing and most will be financially ruined since they would have invested their savings in buying property. 

So, why has this government victimized the buyers only and NOT the sellers and the ones who passed the plans? Very selective, I feel and not at all JUST!

Next, the government has been borrowing for various so-called projects, it claims, without the wananchi knowing all the details and not necessarily with their approval and is now suffering from a huge debt which it needs back to pay pronto. Guess who is at the receiving end of the 'solution'? Yes, we the wananchi, of course! And how is this govt., planning to do this? Of course, by taxing us. 

So, they've passed a VERY UNJUST finance bill taxing an already over-taxed mwananchi, most of whom are unemployed and find it near impossible to lead a decent life. 

I noticed something very interesting in the way the taxes have been enumerated. The one thing that taxes have been drastically reduced for is betting, i.e. gambling. My question to GoK is - is it trying to encourage gambling?! A vice which will ruin some more lives, no doubt.

And as I write this, I've just found out that KRA is going to be fishing into our bank accounts, especially those of us who file 'no returns', to tax what we have in the bank. 

This government is on its way to taxing its citizens to  death all under the spurious label of 'development', for they cannot see or appreciate conditions of life of the majority of this land. They are too high and mighty to even begin to understand....

And to add insult to injury, we are also arrogantly being told to leave if we don't like it. We would, if there was another place than this which we could call home. We are THAT fed up!


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Dear All,

The controversial passage of President Uhuru Kenyatta's memorandum after rejecting the Finance Bill means that Government may raise Sh130 billion in taxes up to end of June, 2019 …

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Monday, September 17, 2018

The VOK dumpsite and other environmental hazards within Mombasa County

Those of us who live in the North Coast of Mombasa and in particular the ones who are compelled to live and work around the above  mentioned dumpsite are suffering from all kinds of illnesses. 

Thanks to the County Govt. who moved the dumpsite from Kibarani, which was a real eye and nose sore and a very shameful site right at the entrance of Mombasa. It was a very unwelcome sight for ANYBODY entering Mombasa County. 

After YEARS of complaints, this questionable place was finally and 'officially' closed, but an equally questionable and horrible one is now being used as a (according to the County officials), temporary dumpsite on the main Mombasa/Malindi road. I  won't call it a highway for it is NOT. It is yet to become one...

This route is used by everyone heading to anywhere further north along the coast of Kenya. Which means that citizens, residents and tourists ply this road and suffer the same consequences that they did when the dumpsite was situated at Kibarani. The letter below is from the Nyali MP regarding this same issue. Nothing has yet been done.
There was another one written by the County to the residents promising to clear the dumpsite within a day or two, but it is now several weeks and NOTHING has been done. This was written on the 30th of  August 2018. As per below.

Unfortunately, this site is smack in the middle  of residential areas as well as businesses and therefore a health hazard. 

The County, instead of clearing it has taken to  burning this HUGE pile of mixed garbage, while at the same time preaches to residents not to burn their garbage on pain of fines and persecution. So why the double standards?

People who live around this dumpsite are suffering from respiratory ailments, etc., and all kind of pests have started to  invade their homes.

Is this County really a responsible one who cares for its citizens' well-being? Why doesn't it keep its word of clearing the dumpsite as its effects are worse than the ones felt at Kibarani? And as per our MP's letter, it seems that the Central government, is also incapable of doing anything! And business continues as usual..... 

I wonder if this email will have the required effect or impunity will continue?!