Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kenya Power's so-called 'promises'

On the very day, or rather night (thanks to our equally redoubtable railway system), that I got back on the 16th of January 2014, I have discovered that Kenya Power is as useless and unaccountable as they have ALWAYS been.

Starting from that night, we have lost power umpteen numbers of times in Nyali and the whole of the Coast, too since the past two days.

While we unnecessarily celebrated 50 years of Independence; what did we really have to show for it?!

Without a reliable supply of power, there can hardly be any development. Without proper infrastructure, the same. 

At the Coast, especially Mombasa there has been the minimum of development since Independence, though the rest of the country Nairobi in particular is something else. 

Officialdom at Kenya Power reassured me last year that our constant outages and fluctuations would be a thing of the past by the end of last year.

Nothing of the kind has transpired! Everything is the same - business as usual. The same old unanswered calls, no apologies and no explanations.

Since the past two days, we, at the Coast have been experiencing total blackouts for no reason in particular. Of course without explanations, what else are we to think...?

Is this awful power company ever going to change its ways and be accountable, professional, ethical, etc., to it's consumers? As far as Nyali residents are concerned, they are becoming known for their many untruths and losing their already tainted reputation. They do not keep their word!

When will they start doing so...?!