Friday, March 26, 2010

Tree cutting & power lines

Why is it that while tree planting is being encouraged all over the

country, our one and only power company, KPLC, is also busy chopping off
some of these trees? This is done in the name of protecting the overhead
power lines, of course.

But, one should observe the wanton way the power crew goes about
chopping them off and living in their wake skeletal trees (shadows -
anything but...), which offer no shade to anybody and some are left as
stumps! There are countless such examples all over the country, and
there is at least one perfect example of this misplaced enthusiasm
outside Nakumatt Cinemax in Nyali. Just a trunk stands there with no
hope of it every reviving to it's former glory!

Also, these people throw branches and all the debris onto road
indiscriminately, which gets in the way of traffic and can cause accidents.

So, my request to KPLC is that they be very conservative with their tree
cutting exercises since we urgently need these trees in this stifling
heat and the about to arrive torrential rains (we hope), to give us much
needed shade as well as relief to our tired eyes. It's such a relief to
see and feel something green (even if it is full of dust), after seeing
mostly a country whose towns and cities are turning into an unkempt and
disorganized concrete jungle!

I wonder how power companies in other more advanced countries manage
with trees and power lines? Yet, they don't have the number of outages
that ours does......?

Would love to see more greenery around,