Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fwd: Emailing: Both of these are enveloping the neighbourhood in clouds of acrid smoke, Next to the previous site within a few meters another pile is lighted up, Somebody burning garbage, etc.

On a related note to my just sent email with pics about dumping of garbage, we have our own highly environment unfriendly and ignorant neighbours, in Nyali. Of course, this species is all over town and its environs.

Since our Council is highly lethargic, selective and ineffective in collecting and disposing off garbage, one of the options most people think they have is of burning the offending stuff! In the process, neighbourhoods and houses are enveloped in unhealthy smoke, like we were (and it's done on an irregular basis every so often), in our neighbourhood late this afternoon.

This is highly environmentally unhealthy as well as very dangerous to inhale not to mention the fact that the smell stays in our houses long after the dump has finished burning.

Some estates also have a policy of burning their garbage and they couldn't care less about the effect it has on the residents.

Why can't we re-cycle and/or classify our garbage and have it disposed off in a more healthy manner. For this we need our Council's support and this is where everything goes awry. Our Council is mostly populated with semi and illiterates who are busy working for their personal bottomless pockets' benefit and therefore it is a very uphill struggle to get them to cooperate effectively.

I again tried getting the Local Authorities email address from the Kenya Government website, but, to no avail. They don't display one. Again, one can quite understand why since they are scared of getting deluged with countless emails from frustrated citizens. In fact, while they have a list of all the Councils' so-called urls. When you click on the Mombasa one, you will get nowhere! They only exist as an url which is not surprising since I have mentioned many times, they are not living and working in the 21st Century!

Regarding the above pictures see below...

Both of these are enveloping the neighbourhood in clouds of acrid smoke

Next to the previous site within a few meters another pile is lighted up

Somebody burning garbage, etc.

More details of the first dump site, The bigger dump site - 3rd pic, The bigger dump site - 4th pic, The first dump site on the Mombasa-Malindi Road, The second and bigger dump site - 2nd pic, The second and much bigger dump site - 1st pic, The

I took the attached photographs this afternoon when I went to collect my
copy of the proposed constitution of Kenya from friend's office on the
Mombasa/Malindi Road.

The filth and disorder that hits you is unbelievable, yet people liveand
work along that road. It seems that our local authorities are theones
who have created the larger dump site and the people who live and work
around there have followed suit and created the first and smaller dump
site. Since, a very bad example is set by our officialdom, is it any
wonder that people and especially the poor pay scant attention and care
about the environment that they are compelled to live in?

I have been told that the bigger dump site is used by our Council
garbage trucks who instead of going all the way to Mkrunge where they
are supposed to dump garbage, these people have now started creating and
depositing filth at any place they find unoccupied. And their trucks
still go to dump garbage at Kibarani.

But on the way, since they don't effectively cover their trucks, they
end up re-distributing garbage all over town on their way to wherever
they are taking it. They also drive at break-neck speed and behave
insolently by stopping any and everywhere being a hindrance to a smooth
flow of traffic. Since they are bigger than the average car, nobody will
'argue' with them and put up with their intimidation.

Now, to come back to this huge area where garbage is dumped. As you can
see it attracts human and animal scavengers and there are houses right
next to the dump. It matters not to our useless and totally thuggish
Council that tax and rate paying citizens are living and working all
around in the most inhuman environment.

Maybe, they might give serious thought to the fact that tourists on
their way to anywhere North of Mombasa must be quite 'impressed' with
the way our nasty and filthy Council deals with garbage disposal.
Imagine the impression of tourists who have just set foot on Kenyan
soil, i.e. the airport which is deceptively 'modern'. They will get into
their tour buses and cars and be driven on the only access road onto the
Island of Mombasa along the Makupa Causeway. While on it, they will be
assailed by a horrible stench from the garbage dump at Kibarani. What a
smelly welcome!

Then, they will be assailed by totally crazy traffic and suicidal people
with some promoting things at ear-splitting levels. They will find
welcome relief from all this insanity once they get to their hotels, of
course, but, getting there is very interesting and exciting. For
example, for those going further North, they will cross the only access
road the Nyali bridge, to the North mainland. Here, depending on the
time of day, they will spend hours stuck in traffic, before they can
carry on.

After this experience, their noses will again be assailed by stench like
the previous Kibarani one that welcomed them into Mombasa. Yes, you have
guessed it and the photographs say it all.

If our useless Council doesn't care about it's tax and rate payers,
shouldn't they give some serious thought to the tourists that they are
trying to create a good impression on? But, why should they give any
thought to anything or anybody? Since they have proved that they are
insolent in the extreme, short of getting rid of everybody in the
Council, there is very little that can be done to improve matters. They
practice impunity with little regard for their reputation or anything
and as far as Mombasa residents are concerned the place is populated by
horrible pests!

They are beyond help.

Monday, June 14, 2010

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th........ ad infinitum outages!

Since the 'planned' outage for maintenance the whole of Friday, 11th

June 2010, the outages have increased rather than what one would expect,

In fact, later the very same day, we had another outage lasting at least
half an hour! Why?

Subsequently, the power through the weekend has been totally unreliable
with many fluctuations, i.e. the electricity surges and dips messing up
our various appliances including the Sollatek devices that are supposed
to protect them. Fortunately, these come with a 5 year warranty period
which kind of helps. Living in a banana republic, where nothing can be
relied on to work efficiently, this 5 year warranty for a gadget that
frequently 'dies' on us and quits protecting our appliances from these
frequent outages and fluctuations, is a comfort. These gadgets also are
not very cheap to come by.

As I write this (on battery power), the power suddenly went off at about
12.30 pm, the second time today. The first was at around 2.30 am. And it
took about 10 to 15 minutes for it to be restored after umpteen
fluctuations, of course.

I have just got back home and I have been told by our askaris that it
came back at exactly 2.13 pm. Earlier I had been assured by Mr. Mbaluka
that it would return within minutes. It seems that his version of
'minutes' is 90 or more of them!

Considering we live in the 21st Century, Kenya Weakness & Darkness
(renamed KPLC, by me), is trying to remind us of the pre-electricity
days of our ancestors. They are also thinking of taking us back in time
in real life!

What's up, KPLC? How come you never have a proper and legitimate
explanation for these frequent outages and fluctuations?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

13th, 14th & 15th outages

Over the weekend on a Sunday morning, the power went off without

explanation, and after ringing a Mr. Musau who seems to be always on
alert at the Nyali end, restored it.

Then, yesterday we had two outages in the afternoon. The same Mr. Musau
was called and he tried his best to restore service asap. One thing I
must say of this guy. He always answers his phone and even tries to call
back to ensure the service is back unlike his town counterparts who can
be really insolent, sometimes.

I still haven't had the pleasure of meeting him in person but will try
to do so, soon, Insha'Allah.

Anyway, he was good enough to inform me that on Friday, we're going to
be having another Nyali-wide outage for so-called maintenance and also
to connect new customers. They will be notifying us in the press. Are
there so many people moving into Nyali that it requires a whole day of
connection and make others suffer an outage? And will they restore
service at the time that they advertise? To date, they never have. The
outage goes on into the night....

Of course, this will lead to more traffic jams (the exodus into Nyali, I
mean), but that is going to be dealt with in another email and to other
'official' recipients. Read my blog, address, below.