Monday, June 14, 2010

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th........ ad infinitum outages!

Since the 'planned' outage for maintenance the whole of Friday, 11th

June 2010, the outages have increased rather than what one would expect,

In fact, later the very same day, we had another outage lasting at least
half an hour! Why?

Subsequently, the power through the weekend has been totally unreliable
with many fluctuations, i.e. the electricity surges and dips messing up
our various appliances including the Sollatek devices that are supposed
to protect them. Fortunately, these come with a 5 year warranty period
which kind of helps. Living in a banana republic, where nothing can be
relied on to work efficiently, this 5 year warranty for a gadget that
frequently 'dies' on us and quits protecting our appliances from these
frequent outages and fluctuations, is a comfort. These gadgets also are
not very cheap to come by.

As I write this (on battery power), the power suddenly went off at about
12.30 pm, the second time today. The first was at around 2.30 am. And it
took about 10 to 15 minutes for it to be restored after umpteen
fluctuations, of course.

I have just got back home and I have been told by our askaris that it
came back at exactly 2.13 pm. Earlier I had been assured by Mr. Mbaluka
that it would return within minutes. It seems that his version of
'minutes' is 90 or more of them!

Considering we live in the 21st Century, Kenya Weakness & Darkness
(renamed KPLC, by me), is trying to remind us of the pre-electricity
days of our ancestors. They are also thinking of taking us back in time
in real life!

What's up, KPLC? How come you never have a proper and legitimate
explanation for these frequent outages and fluctuations?


yesterdaywazbetter said...

aaww being in pakistan must b hard at times :( ....

hope things get well soon

Raziya Mohamedali said...

If you noticed the name of my blog, you'll also have noticed that I have NOTHING to do with Pakistan, whatsoever, thank God!