Monday, February 3, 2014

What is going on with Kenya Power....?

Since the last time I wrote regarding the insolence of this power company, we've had numerous outages and fluctuations but the last couple of times including this morning they are becoming unbearable.

First, why are we suddenly losing power countrywide
so frequently? This has happened not just once since the year has started but lots of times! Only in a state of EMERGENCY would a 'civilized' country go into total blackout! Have we been having some kind of such an emergency lately? If so, please let us know, so we can prepare for it.

For unlike Kenya Power, we the citizens, know better and would like to prepare for such an eventuality.

Secondly, and while not as awful as the first one since we live in a banana republic - we've had the whole of the Coast plunged into total darkness for no reason in particular or one that this awful company and it's minions alone know about. Why the extreme secrecy?

Now, coming to the latest outage of hours, this morning we lost power again and when I  tried calling the various numbers given to me by their owners, none were answered.

One sent me an sms giving me another's number to call as he will be in Nairobi for a week!

When I tried that number, it also went unanswered and so did another one. Why?

After over 2 hours of outage and fuming at the predicament this power company persistently puts me and others in, I tried again desperately trying to inform them that we had lost power and trying to find out when 'normalcy' would resume. The number was surprisingly answered and I was being told that it would return in a couple of minutes!

Also, he told me that he'd been in a meeting and had just come out.

Now, could these people tell us what is the point of having countless meetings but no improvement in 'service'? Maybe, they have these meetings to knock their heads together on how best to frustrate an already frustrated public?!

So, Kenya Power, start explaining....