Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kenya Power and it's questionable 'services'...

After my last email written a few hours ago when we had an outage and I was writing using my battery, the power came back after about half an hour yet got no apology or explanation nor an answer to my numerous calls to ALL the relevant Kenya Power employees which includes some senior staff based in Nairobi and whose addresses you will find above in the recipients list.

One wonders why they don't answer our calls. One major reason I think is because they do not want to answer our 'difficult' questions. And why would they find our questions difficult to answer? Most likely because they don't have a good answer and/or they think that we are not capable of understanding their 'official' jargon. Or to put it bluntly, they believe us to be stupid. But, it might also be that their answers will lead to more questions which they believe we should not be asking them...?!

And as I  write this, we are again suffering from fluctuations and considering the weather has now changed and it's overcast and raining, this will  be a good time for us to have another massive outage (after all, the last 2 days, we've had these hours long outages just around this time), with no accountability or explanations from this disgusting power company!

Start working in an accountable and responsible manner, Kenya Power.

And please remember, next time don't ever tell us to have patience because every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane out there who gives us their questionable 'services' are all telling to do exactly that and we are very FED UP of hearing this one sentence over and over again repeated by incompetent 'service providers'!

Kenya Power is taking its customers for granted...

Since the 16th of October, we, in Nyali have been having more than our 'fair' share of fluctuations and outages. 

One would think that we are going back in time to when Nyali residents were suffering from these issues on a daily basis umpteen times a day!!!

And after our so-called scheduled 'maintenance outage' on the 18th of October, things have gone even worse for want of a better word. In fact, intolerable. When we call these employees of  Kenya Power, and IF we can get through, the one standard reply we get is to observe patience and that is IT!

Unfortunately, we are very fed up of this reply not just from this service company, but it is used by ALL the so-called service providers to cover up their inefficiency and incompetence. What do these people think we are? That's when they give us such a blanket statement, we will be satisfied? 

As I write this, we've lost power, yet again!

We have been losing power every single day  for  HOURS on end!

We are now without power again and NOBODY from this awful company is picking their phones, either...., including their superiors!