Thursday, December 22, 2011

While I am out of town, I found out that my friend's father, with whom I've left my duplicate post box key, still could not open my box nearly a month after I had paid my rent because it was sealed, yesterday.

The box was sealed last month on the 21st of November 2011 just because I forgot to pay my box rental within the 21 days. I was late by just a day in making this hefty payment at which point I rang up two senior 'officials' of Mombasa's POSTA to make certain that my box was unsealed, but it seems that while our POSTA, like every other so-called 'service' provider is very lax (this is a mild word), in providing their services, they are super efficient when it comes to cutting off these questionable services.

On the dot of 21 days, my box was sealed! But, even after making immediate payment AND informing 2 of its very senior 'officials' of this, they had not bothered to unseal my box till I followed this up with POSTA from half way across the country by making countless calls for them to take action, yesterday.

During my last call, I was informed of the fact that POSTA was supposed to be on strike, did I not know? But, since I had made the payment a whole month before this questionable strike, it was interesting to observe to my POSTA official that the box should have been unsealed immediately that payment was received by them. Instead, they did not.

And the interesting thing about all this is that it is just my friend's father's word against POSTA's. I would prefer to believe my friend's father since I know from previous bitter experiences that our POSTA works (if it ever does), anything but efficiently.

These people have gone of strike - but the kind of services they offer (at least in Mombasa), leaves a lot to be desired. Since the beginning of the year they have lost 3 very important letters of mine from my family in the USA. Then, since people who send you registered mail don't necessarily inform you about this, our POSTA nearly misplaced one of my registered mail, also. All because, somebody out in Nairobi 'forgot' to key in the registered mail number which resulted in nobody being able to follow it on the Internet including Mombasa's POSTA! The only information they had was that it had left it's original port at a particular date. After that nothing could be traced of it.

Mercifully, it was finally found at Mombasa's POSTA nearly a week after it had actually arrived! How does such an organization really justify it's current strike? And how dare they, considering they are as inefficient as the rest of this country's so-called 'service' providers? By increasing their pay, I personally don't think they will change their work ethic.

The only thing they are interested in is MONEY! This country literally worships it. They have no humanity in them - not a jot!