Friday, December 26, 2008

Emailing: Noisy wedding at Joho's house, The place is choke a block with women facing a white tent from where ear-splitting noise is emanating, Our whole neighbourhood compound is full of the revellers cars, The gate is suddenly dark where some young boys

Since around 8.00 pm women have been arriving at our redoubtable MP Joho's house whom I have the misfortune of having as a neighbour. He has built a private house in the middle of our Municipal Estate and seems to be under the impression that he owns the whole place and can do as he wishes and to hell with the neighbours' sentiments.

As I write this, there is ear-splitting noise of supposed music emanating from his compound as you can see from the attached pictures which in turn is continuously, due to the vibrations, setting off my car alarm. Of course, it will result in a very dead battery by morning since, I understand that this racket is going to go on till morning. All this in the name of a wedding.....?!

I've made numerous phone calls to the police, but, their visit (if they did), seems to have had no effect on the volume. In fact, this MP and his family seem to be under the impression that since they (all our questionable politicians), are above the law, they can ride rough shod on all of the rest of their constituents. In fact, they seem to be under the mistaken impression that we even 'love' them!!! Unfortunately for them, most of us, don't and consider them the scum of the earth.

And are those women deaf? Why does the 'music' have to be at such a high volume when they are sitting metres away from the speakers? And do any of them have any conscience? That they are disturbing the whole neighbourhood, quite a few of whom have not been invited and/or don't share their taste of the racket (music). Also, the fact that they are damaging somebody's property as their noise is setting off the car alarm. Unfortunately, it is one of the requirements of my insurance company that the alarm be on when the car is not in use, i.e. is parked.

Do these people have any morals? I don't believe that they do nor do they have any consideration for the neighbours. Our police, too, get intimidated by politicians and as soon as one shows his face or 'credentials', they let them get away with any kind of law breaking. Why are politicians above the law? Is this an official directive? That they can do anything as they please and no law or cop will touch them?

This kind of behaviour gives us the impression that laws are only for the 'little' people. The high and the mighty, especially moneyed are beyond it.

Is anything ever going to change in our country with such an attitude?


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Noisy wedding at Joho's house
The place is choke a block with women facing a white tent from where ear-splitting noise is emanating
Our whole neighbourhood compound is full of the revellers cars
The gate is suddenly dark where some young boys have gathered
And within extremely loud 'music' is being played within metres of the women

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Re: Outages & our supposed Independence Day.....? and now the fluctuations are back, too

Since early this morning before 5.00 am, we've been having awful fluctuations. Thinking they were doing something at that time and the thing would be dealt with, I didn't bother ringing Eng. Mbaluka. But, two and a half hours later the situation still showed red on my Sollatek regulators, I decided to rouse him and ask him why this was the case.

While he answered his mobile, he was completely at sea as to why we were having this problem for so long. And he told me to give them an hour in which time, it would be dealt with. It was.

Then, sometime in the afternoon, a similar situation arose and this time I didn't bother waiting. I called him at once. Again, he promised that it would be seen to and sure enough after some intense fluctuations, it got back to normal.

But, as I write this, my regulator is reading red again since around 10.45 pm and am working on my battery power. Trying to call Eng Mbaluka immediately resulted in no response since he or his phone were out of network range. Eventually after a while, I got through and again asked him why this was happening. I got one answer only - that they would investigate and treat the problem.

Why is it that he cannot give me an explanation for this state of affairs? Is it such a secret? And why isn't somebody out there at KPLC monitoring how they are feeding us with power? Why are these people completely ignorant about anything going on when we ring with such problems?

The response I got from them to one of my recent emails covers just one aspect of this persistent problem. Despite having got their transformer, we're still having outages and fluctuations. Can somebody again answer this question? The response below does not cover all of my allegations.


Customer Care, Mombasa wrote on 15-Dec-08 10:38 AM :

Kindly note that the cause of the outages we have been experiencing were as a result of the distribution transformer serving the island blowing. This led to the overloading of the remaining transformer and hence we had to ration so that all get power. This carried on until we got another transformer of such magnitude which came by road from Nairobi.

The transformer has since been installed and the situation normalized.

We regret any inconveniences caused.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Noisy functions

The people concerned with giving permits for noisy functions in residential areas are highly irresponsible and immoral.

The Kizingo area among many others, is a residential area with at least two hospitals there. Unfortunately, the people who hire the MWA Hall and the various churches and mosques and the KPA club in it's vicinity are also extremely insensitive to the residents' plight.

Last Tuesday night, somebody had hired this contentious hall and was having a very noisy function there till very late at night. Short of calling the cops who are usually all at sea regarding the directions to this place and also quite averse to doing anything about the disturbance, the merry makers are also completely insensitive to the fact that there is the Aga Khan Hospital right next door to the hall.

Now, that we're approaching our many 'holidays', starting from tomorrow, I wonder how much noise, we're going to be enduring.....?

Below, is an email I received from another resident of Amba Apartments regarding these noisy issues.....

We're all really FED UP with the noise issue and I wonder what is the reason for existence for NEMA offices in this town?! They don't seem to be doing anything about our numerous complaints.


Nircon wrote:

Hi Razia,

I wish to know how effective are NEMA when you report to them about noise. I am sure you must have approached them with all the noise you experience from the MWA Hall.
We are having frequent problems of very very loud noise from the KPA Club near our Apartments.

Last to last Saturday there was a disco in the middle of their pitch – loud music went on till well after mid-night.

It was worst last Saturday! Some TUSKER celebration which started at about half 11 in the morning till about 3.00 a.m. on Sunday!!. There was screaming, shouting and dancing and music from the mega speakers at full blast. We were literally stuck to our bedroom with every door and window closed – curtains drawn. The whole day and virtually the whole night till dawn. And guess only 4 people were dancing late in the night with blaring music. The whole function was set very close to our building leaving the whole pitch. We have located the NEMA office and are going to lodge our complaint. I don’t know how effective this organization is. We are also planning an audience with the KPA authorities esp. the Club manager and other officers who are in charge of this club.

Muru had talked to the manager on the phone but he seemed list bothered. Last Saturday’s function was a nightmare!!!!.

I am sure you must have been affected by this noise. We are certainly losing patience with the behaviour of these thoughtless people who have no regard for the privacy and peace of the law abiding citizens.


The 186th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED (power outages, too)

Yet, another 'Independence Day' will be celebrated with lots of hot air being spewed into the atmosphere and false promises and empty chest thumping will be done, tomorrow to mark our so-called Uhuru Day.

What exactly will we be celebrating? Most institutions having been run down and some positively not working? So what are we so proud of?

The residents of this country and especially Coast Province, have been crying for water and the various 'water bodies' that the Ministry of Water & Irrigation has given 'birth' to, has reduced the province into a desert like place. Despite the the Ministry and many others who are involved in the business of providing us with water having received a petition nearly 3 years ago with over 900 signatures with the suggestion of desalination, every 'official' recipient has shamelessly ignored it!

And we're, tomorrow, 'celebrating' independence day? For what? In fact, even as I write this, the power has gone off, yet again!

As is their wont, the KPLC like the overflowing 'water bodies', NEVER give any proper and reasonable excuse for their insolence. Why?

Outages & our supposed Independence Day.....?

Since the beginning of this month, especially, not to mention the previous months, of course, our whole country has been experiencing power outages of the most ridiculous kind. In fact, of late one gets the impression that we're living in war time for the KPLC (renamed to Kenya Weakness & Darkness), have put the whole country a number of times into pitch dark. Probably in the mistaken belief that if there's no total blackout, we'll be bombed by unknown enemies!!!!

Of course, somebody out there (KPLC), is probably in cahoots with thugs thus facilitating their looting and maiming of the rest of the residents under cover of darkness.

Not a day passes without any given area of Mombasa not going through an unexplained outage and this despite their supposed 'maintenance' outage last Sunday. I really wonder what these people really do during their 'maintenance'? For they have 'planned' outages and others, which they call 'unplanned'. Why should they have outages if they are doing regular maintenance? And what would be our (consumers), fate had we been living in a country where we had freezing temperatures instead of the banana republic that we are forced to live in? We'd most likely all have collectively frozen to death!

I, like many others, subscribe to Mitsuminet Cable Vision, and currently, we cannot watch anything on it thanks to KPLC. That's the reason that I've been given by these people. They say that their control room has had no power since the past 3 days!!! And even their back up system has given up. They have no idea when power will be restored, either.

So, despite paying ridiculous amounts in power bills, we also have to pay for and not get the required services of others thanks to KPLC.

And tomorrow we're 'celebrating' our over 40 years of independence? Independence from what?! In fact, we've been getting steadily worse since then!