Saturday, December 20, 2008

Re: Outages & our supposed Independence Day.....? and now the fluctuations are back, too

Since early this morning before 5.00 am, we've been having awful fluctuations. Thinking they were doing something at that time and the thing would be dealt with, I didn't bother ringing Eng. Mbaluka. But, two and a half hours later the situation still showed red on my Sollatek regulators, I decided to rouse him and ask him why this was the case.

While he answered his mobile, he was completely at sea as to why we were having this problem for so long. And he told me to give them an hour in which time, it would be dealt with. It was.

Then, sometime in the afternoon, a similar situation arose and this time I didn't bother waiting. I called him at once. Again, he promised that it would be seen to and sure enough after some intense fluctuations, it got back to normal.

But, as I write this, my regulator is reading red again since around 10.45 pm and am working on my battery power. Trying to call Eng Mbaluka immediately resulted in no response since he or his phone were out of network range. Eventually after a while, I got through and again asked him why this was happening. I got one answer only - that they would investigate and treat the problem.

Why is it that he cannot give me an explanation for this state of affairs? Is it such a secret? And why isn't somebody out there at KPLC monitoring how they are feeding us with power? Why are these people completely ignorant about anything going on when we ring with such problems?

The response I got from them to one of my recent emails covers just one aspect of this persistent problem. Despite having got their transformer, we're still having outages and fluctuations. Can somebody again answer this question? The response below does not cover all of my allegations.


Customer Care, Mombasa wrote on 15-Dec-08 10:38 AM :

Kindly note that the cause of the outages we have been experiencing were as a result of the distribution transformer serving the island blowing. This led to the overloading of the remaining transformer and hence we had to ration so that all get power. This carried on until we got another transformer of such magnitude which came by road from Nairobi.

The transformer has since been installed and the situation normalized.

We regret any inconveniences caused.

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