Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outages & our supposed Independence Day.....?

Since the beginning of this month, especially, not to mention the previous months, of course, our whole country has been experiencing power outages of the most ridiculous kind. In fact, of late one gets the impression that we're living in war time for the KPLC (renamed to Kenya Weakness & Darkness), have put the whole country a number of times into pitch dark. Probably in the mistaken belief that if there's no total blackout, we'll be bombed by unknown enemies!!!!

Of course, somebody out there (KPLC), is probably in cahoots with thugs thus facilitating their looting and maiming of the rest of the residents under cover of darkness.

Not a day passes without any given area of Mombasa not going through an unexplained outage and this despite their supposed 'maintenance' outage last Sunday. I really wonder what these people really do during their 'maintenance'? For they have 'planned' outages and others, which they call 'unplanned'. Why should they have outages if they are doing regular maintenance? And what would be our (consumers), fate had we been living in a country where we had freezing temperatures instead of the banana republic that we are forced to live in? We'd most likely all have collectively frozen to death!

I, like many others, subscribe to Mitsuminet Cable Vision, and currently, we cannot watch anything on it thanks to KPLC. That's the reason that I've been given by these people. They say that their control room has had no power since the past 3 days!!! And even their back up system has given up. They have no idea when power will be restored, either.

So, despite paying ridiculous amounts in power bills, we also have to pay for and not get the required services of others thanks to KPLC.

And tomorrow we're 'celebrating' our over 40 years of independence? Independence from what?! In fact, we've been getting steadily worse since then!

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