Thursday, September 17, 2015

Garbage burning issues....

I have written about this umpteen number of times to various officialdom including NEMA to no avail.

So, I am writing this, yet again, since our County (they call themselves MC4), seems to be serious about the issue of garbage.

It is  now at least a month since I have been complaining to Mr. Waziri and others dealing with this  issue to no avail. Oh yes, they sent a car over with 3 to 4 people in it including the driver two of whom got out and went and studied the place where people are dumping garbage and also burning it at irregular intervals. Then, after doing this, they got back into the car and left at top speed. They never got back to me regarding what they were going to do about it, so I called Mr. Waziri again and asked him. He told me that he was waiting for feedback from his team and then would let me know.

I am still waiting and despite calling him subsequently, he has refused to answer his phone. Therefore, I sent him a whatsapp message which he finally read (the tick becomes double and turns blue), but, no reply.

Then, I decided to call his boss Mr. Ibrahim Basafar. At first, he wouldn't answer the phone but finally he did. When I told him about my woes, he refused to listen anymore and promptly told me to call Mr. Waziri who was in-charge of this area of Nyali. He did not let me finish my sentence that Mr. Waziri was not answering my queries and hence my calling him and instead cut off the phone. 

Are these 'officialdom' so busy or maybe arrogant, to deal with the work that they are employed by us (our taxpayers money goes to pay their very hiked up salaries and therefore we are their employers which they conveniently forget), to even answer their phones?!

This morning, parts of our estate (Umoja), was enveloped in smoke from two garbage burning sites. The one mentioned above and the other by the car wash people who have rented that empty plot next to our estate. These people collect garbage and start burning it anytime of the day or night. Sometimes even twice! I  visited them yesterday to request them to stop doing that and to put it in a bag and throw it at a designated site to which they agreed. But, that was all humbug. This morning they were burning it, again!

I also sent Mr. Waziri a whatsapp message which still has not been read as I write this.

Can the people concerned, please take some action? Or do they only work when the media are around clicking away  at their cameras?