Sunday, July 20, 2014

Neighbours and noise

I believe that people who live in close proximity to each other should not disturb their neighbours with their obnoxious behaviour.

One of these is playing loud vibrating kind of music.

The reason I am compelled to write this is because I have one such very insensitive neighbour who since early this morning and whenever she is at home, insists on playing this kind of boom, boom music despite having been requested to lower the volume every time she does this which is practically EVERYDAY!!!!

This set me thinking about the kind of  character she is...

Is she trying to drown out her very disturbing thoughts with noise? One wonders at this... If true, she needs to see a shrink!

Or maybe she is deaf?

Or she is intentionally trying to 'entertain' her unwilling neighbours?

Or she is deliberately being offensive? But why?

As far as we know, we do not disturb her in like manner ALL the time!

I wish I knew her contact so that I would have sent her this email, too, which would, I believe, have resulted in her reducing the volume to a more 'civilized' level.... I  hope and pray.