Thursday, November 27, 2008

The 185th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

My questions of last week to the Coast Water (Dis)Services Board and others have still not been answered nor acknowledged by the various and numerous 'water bodies'. Why? One wonders at the insolence of these people who are supposed to be giving the residents services. They couldn't care less about the opinions or conditions of the ones they 'serve'.

The only thing they 'serve', like our burgeoning cabinet, is their own pockets. That's all!

One just has to see the condition of this town to appreciate that none of the services that these people are 'offering', are in place. Look at the overflowing garbage cans which make some neighbourhoods into mini-Kibaranis due to the stench they emit. Numberless complaints to the Council regarding these, have had not a bit of effect or improvement in the conditions that the people of Coast Province live in....., and work. In fact, when some neighbourhoods tried to re-locate these bins, the Council promptly sent their minions with threats that if their bins are moved, the residents will face dire consequences.

One wishes that they would be as prompt in offering legitimate services and attend to the well-being of the residents. Of course, they will not since our Council/s (countrywide and especially Mombasa), is populated with mafia like people with questionable literacy levels. One can't reason with them.

Yet, they are involved with our various 'water bodies' in the delivery of water?! What an irony! They expect us to believe that they will do this despite the whole town overflowing with garbage.

Yesterday, afternoon I saw their garbage truck near the 3 bins in Ganjoni (they have multiplied from one), which are perpetually overflowing to quite a distance. Their slow moving employees were picking up the muck, crossing the road to where this truck was parked and dumping the stuff inside. All the while birds and the wind was redistributing the garbage elsewhere as the truck was open. This is exactly what happens even as these garbage trucks make their way to Kibarani for dumping.

So one wonders if they are really into the cleaning business or redistributing it elsewhere! Have they nothing to cover this muck up?

Such are the 'officials' that are given the job of supplying us with water. No wonder we still haven't got any.

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