Monday, November 3, 2008

Persistent national outages

Yesterday morning we had yet, another National power outage within the course of a week. Why?

The first one, unfortunately happened to start in the late afternoon and continued off and on through the night. And while Nairobi got it back sometime around 3.00 am, Mombasa didn't get lighted up till after 5.00 am. Why?

These persistent unplanned power outages create untold damage to people and appliances. I know of at least one fall by an elderly man on his staircase which eventually resulted in his death, yesterday, thanks to these outages by the incompetence of the KPLC which should rename itself to Kenya Weakness & Darkness!

If this was a law abiding country (which it definitely, isn't), this company would have been sued over and over again for the damage it does to persons and property.

Considering the sudden spate of robberies with violence, one gets the impression that in cahoots with our questionable cops, the KPLC is also facilitating these. Alarms and darkness are all in the favour of these
excrescences around us.

So, who will take the responsibility for all this? There seems to be no accountability in any service provision in this country. Why? Yet, we have umpteen numbers of supposed outfits to deal with these. It seems that they are just there for cosmetic reasons. To hoodwink us and further siphon off more of the tax payers hard earned money! It's really disgusting.

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