Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The 183rd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED & Re: MOWASCO; Good indications

Hi! (whoever this is!),

I've been in Nbi since the past 5 weeks for health reasons and just got back yesterday. Therefore, I had no idea about the goings on out here and when I rang Mr. Chitavi's office, this morning, I was told by one of the secretaries that he'd been transferred as an MD of the Malindi office.

This would not, to my mind, translate as being a dismissal otherwise why would the Ministry continue to employ him? And anyway, what are the charges that he's supposed to answer to? You've NEVER been very clear about that, EVER!

As mentioned umpteen numbers of times previously by me, the CWSB is more to blame for our woes than anybody else and it's high time that they were taken to task about their so-called service provision, for I and the whole of my neighbourhood among many others still gets not a drop of water.

I was also very upset to read in the papers a few weeks back while I was in Nairobi, that these unaccountable people are even thinking of raising the tariffs without providing the service. So, does this mean that we're going to be, now, paying much more for the same old phantom bills?

And could you (whoever you are), please learn to sign your emails, henceforth?


ConsumerFirst Network wrote on 11-Nov-08 3:56 P:

Hi Raziya I was waiting to hear your voice over dismissal of 'your friend' the embattled former MOWASCO MD. At last investigations proved he had charges to answer. Now we can move to CWSB. You have been right the CWSB has failed to license reliable water service providers in the Coastal region. And the campaign begins......

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