Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The rent issue, again and the way our Council 'works' - Emailing: Note the date it's been rec'ved and when it's dated - 5 days ago!


At just around 12.30 pm this afternoon (just over an hour ago, in fact), my doorbell rang and I found an employee of the Council at the gate. He delivered the attached notice from the Council's housing and social 'services' which contains a signature but no name for it says, 'For:' Therefore the person has no name that one can read, but, just a squiggle for a signature.

Considering it's a 7 day notice of so-called rent arrears and dated 21st Nov 2008, it's being delivered to me 5 days late. Why? And that too, on pain of being evicted should I not do so. So, technically, I have a 2 days notice instead of the supposed 7 days. When I tried to call the housing Manager, Ms. Moka, who operates from the Buxton estate, her one sentence was that I should pay (reminiscent of the Mafia), or else ...... She wouldn't tell me why the notice while dated the 21st of Nov 2008 was being delivered in the afternoon of 26th Nov 2008, when she very well knows that none of her colleagues would be working in the afternoon!

Then, about the rent being in arrears - I have receipts from the same Council to prove that I've paid my rent in full till December 2008. They claim that the rent has been increased since Nov 2006 by over a 100% with no written notice given to the tenants of one month. Another thing, if I'm in arrears, why has the same Council been issuing me with receipts at the old rent all this time and not mentioning on the receipts that I still have a balance to pay?

All of my neighbours and now also I, will have to not just pay the rent at the Town Hall to the cashiers, but, then go with the receipt all the way across town to the other end in Tudor to have some more of their employees supposedly balance their ledger books. Why harass the tenants with such things when they are computerized? If the Council employees are so incompetent, can't they employ others and fewer in number, who are more qualified?

Is there any justice left to speak of at the Council and for that matter the country at large?

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