Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 182nd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

The people in the Water delivery sector seem to be totally devoid of a conscience. Nothing seems to be penetrate their proverbial thick skins. Despite so many reminders over the years and I've just started keeping a log of the numbers a few years ago. Before that, I used to write to them as well as pay them repeated visits regarding the deteriorating water delivery, but, got no concrete answers that one could to hold them to.

In fact, IF, they even replied my 'snail mail' letters, it would be a couple of lines long and a kind of standard reply saying, ' Could I please avail them of my account number so the matter could be investigated', i.e. as though I was the ONLY one missing this precious fluid.

Probably, because the same old employees still populate those offices though the names have changed, i.e. from the Ministry of Water to NWCPC to what it is at present Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company and the Coast Water Services Board. The NWCPC was split into two as seen above. None of the above mentioned and present outfits have made any difference to the Coast's and in particular, Mombasa's water situation any better. If anything, it continues to worsen.

One wonders why this is the case when the powers that be, seem to be under the impression of, 'the more the merrier', in this service sector. Therefore, we demand that our precious money collected in various forms - unbelievably high taxation and while paying our phantom water bills every month - that our Honourable Minister Mrs. Charity Ngilu, dissolve all these various outfits forthwith and come up with only ONE organization for us to deal with and other than her, not another politician within sight or sound, please!

We are VERY FED UP of these last bunch of very questionable individuals who insist on politicking at every opportunity they get while no water flows from our taps, nor any improvement seen over the years. Can she and is she capable of doing this?

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