Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 181st reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Re: Reishi Water Plea

To continue from where I'd left off the 180th 'reminder', last week....

I'd mentioned a Water Petition with over 900 signatures to the various water bodies including the Council and the following email gives added weight to the solution that has been suggested there - Desalination.

This Province would never have a water problem IF, starting from the ministry level going all the way down, the officialdom concerned, would really get to work and put our hard earned money (tax and what we pay them in phantom water bills), was put to constructive use instead of paying 'sitting' allowances and all those countless meetings that these people attend but which result in absolutely NOTHING.

Years have gone by with no improvement in water delivery services while the sector has 'expanded' to unbelievable proportions, like a many headed monster, yet, still no water coming through our taps! So, what is being done about it? Why does nobody out there answer our query?

What an insult to the people of Coast Province and especially the signatories of the Water Petition! The so-called 'service' providers in this sector can be called highly INSOLENT!!!


Reishi Arun Parikh wrote:


Your Excellency(s),

My warmest greetings to you. I send you this Email with the hope and prayer that it reaches you and that you read it with the understanding as you always do in other matters. WATER is the reason for my Email. Daily, all around our Country, Kenyans struggle to get WATER. Some get it illegally through corrupting Water Authorities with wrong pipe connections, some steal, some hoard, some misuse where there is plenty.... the Poor Kenyan at the end of all this suffers. Health wise it's a hazard as people resort to borehole and well water, even in Urban areas.

If KENYANS have enough clean WATER, the overall sentiment to Life changes positively.

Mr. President / Mr. Prime Minister, Sirs, I suggest a DESALIATION Water Plant to be installed at the Coast - Mombasa. This Water Plant can then supply and Store the surplus Water to other parts of our Country through the existing Water Pipeline Network.

Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc never have a Water Shortage... their Water Desalination Plants can Desalinate 150 Billion Litres of Clean Water Daily! We just need a small fraction of this.

I Trust you shall put a thought on this matter during your very hectic schedule at the moment.

Your Excellency(s), my deepest and sincere good wishes to you. Asante.

I earnestly await your reply to my Email...i do!

Your's Truely,
Mr. Reishi Arun Parikh

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