Monday, September 22, 2008

The Charcoal sellers saga, continues.....

At just before 2.30 am this morning, a Canter arrived here, full of sacks of charcoal. At around the same time, all the lights in the neighbourhood, including the street ones, went off, and the mosque's generator started it's noise! In fact, the neighbourhood erupted with various types of noises, the loudest being the generator's and the remainder coming from the Canter which started it's off-loading of the sacks in a very clandestine manner. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the Canter's registration number, this time, since it was pitch dark and the headlights of the canter were on.

Anyway, I immediately called the 112 emergency number from my mobile to activate the cops, but, I don't think anybody came despite the cop answering, assured me that he would send somebody here.

Now, it amazes me that these cops who answer the emergency calls are totally at sea when one is trying to give them directions to any place that needs their attention. Add to this the fact, about how this Canter full of charcoal sacks managed to avoid the many road blocks on it's way here from wherever! One gets the feeling that the traffic cops as well as various other 'officialdom' are in cahoots with these crooks. And therefore, their fellow cops are very averse to doing anything about stopping or investigating such incidences. All the while, our forest cover keeps getting destroyed and by extension so does our water catchment areas.

I last wrote about this issue on 6th February 2008 when this neighbourhood charcoal seller got his last consignment. And I thought, 'officialdom' had taken action since then and stopped him getting anymore. He's not got any, all these past months. But, it would seem that nothing has been done about the issue, still.

Does anybody out there care about this country, anymore? Enough to take 'action'? I truly fear for our country's future and it's so-called future leaders and citizens! This charcoal seller (hawker?), has befriended a glue-sniffing street 'man', to do his bidding and who 'squats' under our staircase. Everytime I get a visitor, he asks for money in exchange for keeping an eye on their car, if they have any. And when they leave (especially the female ones), follows them in a kind of daze! How safe are we in such a neighbourhood?

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