Friday, September 12, 2008

The 180th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Re: Reishi - Letter to the Editor

Now, if 'proof' is needed about the diverting of our precious water (little as it is), to the show ground during the month of August, then, this email below, is one.

Why are the umpteen water bodies 'created' for 'efficient' delivery of it, so very suspiciously silent, of late? Do these people think that the residents will forget that they exist and might leave them alone? Never! Our water problems are still there, and I, for one will not leave them alone.

Our garbage problem, too, is getting impossible. What is our redoubtable Council doing about the burgeoning garbage bins all over? And why are they getting involved in water delivery when they can't even deal effectively and efficiently with garbage collection and disposal? And what exactly to these people do with all the money that they collect from all over? When were the Council's accounts last audited, anyway? Most likely decades ago!

Remember, that the residents of Mombasa and Coast Province at large, are having a mega water problem which can be solved by having a desalination plant/s, IF, these 'water officials' will only think outside the proverbial box. And what is officialdom doing about the water petition I sent them a couple of years ago with over 900 signatures?

Please, can somebody in authority, answer the questions above?


Reishi Arun Parikh wrote:

Dear Editor,

Kindly publish in the interest of the Mombasa residents

RE: Mombasa ASK Show 2008

I was personally traumatised and dejected during my visit for this years Mombasa ASK Show. After deciding to visit the show, the apprehension was high. On the Friday at around 2:00 p.m we were abruptly stopped at the Bamburi Cement Silos at Mkomani by few "Officials" saying the entrance fee for cars is Ksh 500/-. When i politely protested the "Official" rudely gestured me to return in the direction i came from with some verbal additives with his physical gesture.

The Ag. Chairman - Mr. Antony Mrima needs to answer me on my very unpleasant experience.

I am thinking aloud, who cares for these shows anymore? People visit paying Ksh 150/- to enter spend more on Food and drinks, little entertainment and go home. Where is the Business Crowd who will trade goods and build contacts? No one is interested! Where are the International Exibitors?

To add to all this every year Mombasa residents have to cope without water as its always diverted to the Show for "Exibition Needs". Leave alone the uncarpeted Internal Roads, the Dusty Environment and smart pickpockets!

The Mombasa ASK Show is a dying horse and should be scrapped from the National ASK Show Calender. I am very sure the Nairobi and upcountry Shows are by far better. What is the Management of the Show thinking?

Any unrhetoric and logical answer for me?

Mr. Reishi Arun Parikh
Mombasa - Kenya

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