Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 179th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

Well, the very strangely very dry month of August has gone, and we still don't have water and some areas like Kizingo haven't had water in YEARS!!!! With no explanation from our questionable water providers (umpteen numbers of them, in fact, giving a whole new meaning to the adage, 'too many cooks spoil the broth'), for this state of affairs.

This kind of irresponsible behaviour gives rise to a whole lot of environmental problems mainly to our ground water system and playing havoc with it. These days wherever one goes or is planning on renting a house or even buying one (this goes for offices, too), this is a major issue. Everybody who can afford it makes sure that wherever they move, there's water available and consistently. In fact, it's one of main selling/renting point for any house or building.

Now, when one considers that there are so many bore-holes and wells all over the place, which means that there are fewer people making demands on the piped 'fresh' water system, it's highly strange that despite this, our various water authorities can still not supply this precious fluid. Why?

Hence, my allegations that our Coast Water (Dis)Services Board is doing nothing to lay, expand and maintain the water infrastructure and therefore there is no reason for their existence! Please, get rid of these horrors as well as any connection to our equally useless and unaccountable council and by extension all the politicians involved in this very important sector.

These last politicize everything imaginable for their own personal benefit and aggrandizement while the Council is directly interfered with by these same politicians and service delivery to the residents is minimal if at all. Some glaring examples are the overflowing garbage cans all over town, street lights are kept on day and night and some are in a time warp where they are on during the day and off during the night! The crow problem is back with us, too, thanks to the overflowing garbage bins all over and so are the other scavengers in human skin, the glue sniffing street 'boys'. In fact, one of them has been 'befriended' by one of my neighbours and overlooked by a Councillor living in the same block and this guy is now a squatter under the stairs! Informing the Council's housing manager, has brought no action, of course. He was harassing a visitor of mine, yesterday.

Is there EVER going to be any change for the better of which the residents (not politicians), approve? At least in our lifetime?

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