Sunday, August 31, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 34th reminder

This country is going from bad to worse and all the while our over-flowing cabinet and our equally insolent and rude cops do NOTHING to make it better. They all believe in talking BIG when making useless 'speeches, throwing mud at each other', while they do scant little about walking their talk! They politicize every issue imaginable while the country burns!

The Muslims, who should be what the Holy Qur'an calls them, 'the best of people evolved for Mankind who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong', themselves are some of the biggest law breakers, unfortunately, and pests. While the Christians are no better and think nothing of competing with their other fellows in faith as well as the Muslims, in making as much racket as is possible.

All this, in the name of their respective faiths, too!

And now that Ramadhan is about to start, these fellow Muslims of mine will make life really impossible by trying to give the impression to everybody that they are some of the holiest people on earth while the reverse is the fact. They, by their behaviour, show the world that they are some of the most despicable, unfortunately. They make unnecessary noise, all in the name of Islam, while the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (pbuh), teaches the opposite, i.e. not to disturb others, especially non-Muslims, for they in their ignorance might curse the true God (Allah).

Since, even I and many others (who are terrified of giving voice to their objections for the repercussions they fear from these kinds of Muslims), also pray and fast during this holy month, why should we be disturbed in practicing our injunctions? What do these people get out of making noise? And why can't the authorities like NEMA who even have an environmental police unit apply the law in this? Are they afraid of these people's 'fatwas', too? Then, of what use is their law about noise and making nuisances of themselves?

Last night and the night before, the MWA Hall, again had wedding parties and they were making so much noise that it's surprising that the Aga Khan hospital next door didn't take any action on behalf of their suffering patients. These merry makers, on Friday night, carried on and on till after 11.30 pm which is when I couldn't stand it any longer and rang up the cops. The one on duty at and emergency, I think, did do something about it, but, these people have again got only one car and take AGES getting to where they are needed! Also, their toll-free numbers of 999 and 112 are never answered! They ring, but, the cops claim that they are not working....

Last night, there was another noisy party there and when I called the cops this time earlier than 11.00 pm, the one on duty was thoroughly insolent and asked me what I expected him to do! Do these cops really know their jobs and the law? And what do they think is the reason for their existence in the country? He told me this after many calls, which he kept disconnecting as soon as he heard my voice. Then, I was told to go to Central and report the matter! This in complete disregard that it was after 9.00 pm and there would be many inconveniences in getting there and the fact that I don't drive after dark. Not to mention that even if I'd done so, what the cops at Central, if they weren't in a semi-comatose condition, would be capable of doing. Which means that he was just harassing me.

So, what kind of cops do we have? He told me to report the matter to the PPO, but, this man, too is really awful. I'm talking from experience. They do absolutely NOTHING about the many complaints that you make to them - about their subordinates as well as the matter that you're complaining about.

In fact, a year ago, I even went to see the DC and the PC about these noisy mosques and churches, but, to date, they have done NOTHING!!!

Which brings me back to my first allegations about this being a lawless and insolent country, which cares little for the average Mwananchi, but does, in a mega way, about their capacious pockets, ONLY!!!!

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