Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The 175th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

I'm doing this today, as tomorrow, I have to go to the Council about this rent issue. But, then, that's another topic with another header.

For now, my apologies for not being able to write this reminder last week, thanks to my whole schedule messed up by this same Council and the way it works......, or doesn't work.

We continue to spend days which are turning into months and then into years and further still into decades and if officialdom doesn't do something about all our woes, these decades will soon be turning into at least one century and then......?!

Now, I will continue to add another point to our water and sanitation issues - over and over, again till somebody out there listens and puts our wishes into action. We do not want ANY politicians of any kind anywhere near these two 'services', PLEASE. As we all know, these politicos only use such services for their own personal aggrandizements and manipulations. The only politician we will tolerate is the Minister, that's all! The others can go jump into the Indian Ocean. We can't stand them, for their information.

After this, can the Minister please, have another look at my petition of nearly 2 years ago with the over 900 signatures and really read it and think about the implications that are mentioned there?

If, all these outfits that have sprouted up in the so-called water provision sector, especially at the Coast Province, were to be disbanded, and then all the money saved thereby, invested in a desalination plant, Coast Province residents would be so very thankful to her for putting us out of our deteriorating misery.

Will and can the Hon. Mrs. Ngilu, please, do this for us? We beseech her. And please, keep the Council out of it, too. If, they cannot deal with just the garbage problem in this town, how dare they involve themselves with water provision?! Let them stay very far away. We're very fed up of them.

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