Thursday, August 28, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 33rd reminder

Can somebody clarify this issue about 'rights', to me, please? When does somebody's rights infringe on another's? For, my persistent complaints about religious noises, seem to be falling on very deaf and unfeeling 'official' ears!

While, we have freedom of worship in our constitution, when does this become a nuisance? For, while some of us practice this 'freedom', we disturb other's right to peace and quiet. Does this mean that in the name of practicing this freedom of worship we can disturb those of us who would like to have peace and quiet for various reasons, some of these being that we might not be of the same faith, or we might, ironically, also be praying, or might be ill, or have small children we're trying to put to sleep, or just don't like noise in general?

As I've written countless times before, till now, I've started writing 'reminders', just to keep a log of how many times I have to write about this issue before somebody in officialdom, if they ever do, will do something about this persistent and highly irritating pollution.

Now, that Ramadhan is about to start next week, the Muslims among us will suddenly make more noise that they are already doing. I mean the religious variety. They will try to give the impression to the rest of the country that there is no one as holy as them. While the reverse is the fact. For as soon as the Blessed month is over and even before it - remember, those loud and rowdy wedding parties they hold at other times especially just before Ramadhan? This, of course, is not part and parcel of our faith yet, that's their practice. So, where is their holiness during that time? And I again challenge all these so-called self proclaimed 'ulema' and sheikhs - where in Islamic history or in the Seerat of the holy Prophet (pbuh) and his illustrious companions (r.a), was this the practice? Of holding such loud prayers in the mosques, that they can be heard outside? And of reciting the Holy Qur'an so loud after the mid-afternoon prayers, that others who are trying to do their own recitations get disturbed. Yes, we are supposed to read our holy book more that usual, but, not in the manner that is done at present by these imams and others in mosques.

And if these people cannot give a valid reason with references (legitimate ones), please, do us a favour and fear Allah's wrath and observe peace during this holy month subsequently, too, and let us pray to our Maker without getting disturbed by all this 'religious' noise.

Which brings me to the Christian noise. This continues, too, every single workday lunch time at the MWA Hall. These supposed holy ones, give no thought to the residents in the area and are cruel enough to disturb the very ill in the hospital next door to them! And these people call themselves 'religious'! What irony!!!

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