Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re: ELECTRICITY BILLS: Rational Billing?????????????A/! and also 0354720

Yes, I totally agree with this. Consider this:

When we remove the fuel cost charge, the Forex one, the ERC levy, REP Levy, the VAT, the actual consumption amount is less than half. We are paying so many 'phantom' and unaccounted amount of money to GoK, it's unbelievable!

We pay taxes on nearly everything imaginable and sometimes it's repeated umpteen numbers of times that it can go under the title of daylight robbery.

Sometimes I wonder if the govt. we have has any idea how the rest of the country is managing to even survive and the quality of life the citizens are supposed to lead. I would sound like we are more like the serfs of Victorian times who existed just so that the high and mighty, the minority of this land can wallow in obscene luxury!

These people make me SICK!


Shaileen N.P.N Shah wrote at 10:52 AM:


Please explain the following:<

1.Consumption of 5 units of Electrical power is 'valued' at 188.80?

2.Actual charge for consumption is 10.00 only!

What a 'RIP-OFF'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Shaileen NPN Shah,MRPharmS

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