Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)


I've just tried sending the above url via the 'net to everybody, but, I don't know if it will be received. Therefore, I'm sending the link again. It has some very interesting and practical solutions to our on-going waterlessness!

And, I forgot to mention in my earlier (176th), reminder something that a very close friend had noted.

Immediately, that the MOWASCO Board was NOT launched by Hon. Mrs. Ngilu a couple of weeks ago, coincidentally, most of Mombasa and it's environs stopped getting water....., yes, even the water kiosks! Why? We suspect that the 'powers that be', who were very disgruntled by the Hon. Minister's very timely action, have been behind our woes. We suffered this for nearly 2 weeks!

Hence my repeated, of late, requests that all these politicians, other than the Minister concerned, involved in water delivery and by extension any other service provision, should be removed forthwith. We do NOT want every and especially water service delivery politicized and we'd also like all of the various outfits that have been given 'birth' too, by GoK, to be dismantled and want only one organization to deal with. This would include water infrastructure and delivery. Have everything very simplified so that our money can be easily accounted for as well as the people who DON'T do their work as required.

I believe this is not such a complicated issue for 'officialdom' to put into action. And I hope that everybody has not forgotten my Water Petition with it's over 900 signatures of nearly two years ago....?

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