Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 33rd reminder - continuously surrounded by NOISE and harassment by neighbours!!!

Since last Thursday night as well as every weekday lunch times and Sundays, too, we have to contend with various types of noise in this neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood mosque and the many churches including the little one within the grounds of MWA Hall and right next to the Aga Khan Hospital make noise.

The mosque with it's loud (unnecessarily so), call to prayer early in the morning around 5.15 am and then, the equally loud and again unnecessary conduction of prayers from the public address system. Then, comes 12.30 pm and the weekday lunch time 'service' at the MWA Hall starts and it is also pathetically LOUD! While this is going on, the mid-day call to prayer is given at the mosque and soon after the leading of prayers through the PA system.

At the same time there are hordes of various members of the public who arrive near a lean-to 'kibanda' downstairs, put up by one of my neighbours who is running an eatery whose 'patrons', young and old, seem to derive a lot of pleasure with the encouragement (I suspect), of these neighbours, keep setting off my car alarm. One wonders why? The only reason I can think of is to deliberately harass and inconvenience me. Why? What kind of warped minds are these? Even as I write this, somebody set it off and by the time I went to the balcony, they'd disappeared.... What kind of sick mind would derive pleasure from giving another neighbour who is disabled (me), to keep having to check on the car everytime the alarm is set off. After all it's not too long ago, when, my car was smashed up by some person or persons unknown and the alarm had kept going on and on, yet, none of my neighbours did anything about it. Strange!

While these people profess to be Muslims and consider themselves to be religious (whatever that means according to their vocabulary), one wonders, what their particular interpretation of Islam is?

Then again, it's these same kinds of Muslims who, when they hold weddings at the MWA Hall in the night, have scant regard for the fact that this is a residential area with sick and very critically ill patients at the hospital next door. They have their music, etc., playing so loud that we get no rest and till all hours of the night, too. And this time, it's been that way every night since last Thursday. Yesterday, too, there was another noisy one there and only God knows about tonight and the rest of the week, etc.

Who allows these things to be held within residential areas? Does this 'official/s' have any sense? I don't believe s/he does! We, as a country, have truly become the most lawless and insolent lot, haven't we? At times, I believe that we're beyond help!

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