Friday, August 29, 2008

The 178th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

While most of us in Coast Province and in particular, Mombasa, don't get reliable water through our ancient piping systems, the few households that do, also join the rest of the 'dehydrated' lot during the month of August.

Since it's during this month that we have our A.S.K. show, rumours are rife since years among the general public, that the reason we don't get this precious fluid is because, all the available water is diverted to the show ground on the North mainland!

As our numerous water bodies are not the type to tell the truth about why we don't have even the little that a few were getting till showtime. Hence, these rumours doing the rounds that the water is diverted every year for the benefit of the show. The water 'officials', as is their usual way, add to the mystery by keeping quiet - a no comment attitude. They neither deny the allegation nor confirm. Why?

Which brings me to the matter about the water infrastructure that our questionable Water (dis)Services Board (CWSB), is supposed to improve and expand. IF, these 'professionals' were really doing their job, wouldn't our condition, now be improving instead of deteriorating? Therefore, what is their reason for existence? Which further leads one to ask, why are they allowed to continue to exist? They are NOT PERFORMING!

And by extension, and I will keep repeating myself - why is the whole exercise of water delivery so politicized in this particular province? And why isn't the government doing something about this, i.e. de-politicize it, pronto?! After all we are becoming highly allergic to our particular brand of politicians including our useless and unaccountable Council. In case, the powers that be would like evidence of the incompetence of the last mentioned lot, I can avail it to them.

Please, remove politics and politicians from this sector asap.

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