Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Higher tariffs = Shoddy services = Kenya Power

Why does this monopolistic power company behave like this?

I have noticed that despite being on our Residents' Association Whatsapp group, they do not  read the members' power grievances and hence do nothing , sometimes for days on end. And the residents of Nyali, as elsewhere in Mombasa, go  without power.

Some senior employees of KPLC are in our group, but they either do not read these messages which are usually with reference numbers, or prefer to ignore them altogether. Why do  they do this?

It is disgusting that we still suffer from awful fluctuations all the time and/or outages umpteen times a day. And Kenya Power has no apology or explanation to give us. How insolent of them!!!

They are behaving in the classic way that monopolistic companies behave. Can these people, please give an explanation and apology for their so-called 'services'? And also respond to our grievances promptly, please?

We are getting very fed up!

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