Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is very interesting and worth trying...

                                                            No harm in trying
Put an Ice Cube at This Point on Your Head

Put An Ice Cube at This Point on Your Head and Witness the Miracle

You have probably never
Thought that a daily use of ice cubes can help your body heal and
Recharge and make you a bit younger and energetic. It can happen if you
Put an ice cube at the point where your head and neck are connected.
This technique is closely related to Chinese acupuncture and according
To it, the point where you have to place the ice cube is called Feng Fu,
Which translates to "wind mansion".
Just hold the cube for
20 minutes on the Feng Fu point. Naturally, at first you will begin to
Feel freezing, but after thirty or forty seconds you will feel
By doing this every day
You will begin to feel euphoria. This is because the ice cube will cause
For end
orphin to be released in your blood. But, there are many more
Benefits from using this technique. For example:
• Sleep Improvement;
• Better digestion;
• No more frequent colds;
• Less joint pain, toothaches and headaches;
• Breathing improvement And better cardiovascular system;
• No more degenerative spine Changes and management of neurological disorders;
• Help with Sexually transmitted and gastrointestinal infections;
• No thyroid Gland disorders;
• No hypotension, hypertension and arthritis;
• No asthma;
• Help with malnutrition or obesity;
• No Cellulite;
• Better menstruation and help with impotence, Infertility, endocrine glands and frigidity;
• No insomnia, chronic Fatigue, depression, stress and management of psycho-emotional Disorders;
This method helps the
Body to return its balance, so technically it is not a cure, but a Rejuvenation method. Simply put, your body gets higher on Life.
However, the method may Show contraindications in cases of schizophrenia, epilepsy, pacemakers,
And during pregnancy.

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