Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our thuggish power company

This is a follow up of what I wrote earlier in the day. 

Since that time, we've lost power at least twice without any reason given.

One of the reasons I call them thugs (in disguise), is because they feel no remorse and have even heard them laughing and joking while they make me wait on the phone. That is IF I can even get through to any of the numbers I have.

I would suggest to our cash strapped government and it's various 'arms' to forget about celebrating with any pomp or ceremony this year's 50th anniversary of so-called Independence. We're anything but, thanks to our various 'service' providers top among them being power and water. These two are highly essential for living in the 21st century. For, instead of improving over the past 50 years, we have been regressing.

We have very little to be proud of and we are still overcome with a population, over 50% of which, still leaves under the poverty line.

And guess why? Because, cost of living is sky rocketing while majority of the young are unemployed. 

This is a Catch 22 type of situation where with a high cost of living most people who might employ cannot afford to do so. After all basic necessities of life like water and power (especially the last), keeps getting expensive yet does not deliver a reliable supply. In fact, it causes untold damage to equipment and also lives.

We dread tomorrow as Kenya Power (?), will, as has been the case since over a week, plunge us into the dark ages over and over again and through the day without an explanation or notice!

We've really had ENOUGH!!!

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