Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Since the DARK THURSDAY....

As the subject matter says, since that Thursday when this monopolistic and questionable so-called 'power' company immersed the whole of Mombasa into the Dark Ages, we've had nothing but trouble. Even more than usual.

First, most of this town (I refuse to give it 'city' status with the kind of 'services' it gets), did not have power for nearly 5 whole days!!!!

One wonders if we were in a state of war since only such a condition would warrant a situation like the one this horrible power company put the residents, through, without a word of explanation or apology or compensation for all the damage that it put the residents.

Since, that Thursday, we in Nyali have had continuous outages and fluctuations EVERY SINGLE DAY, again without any explanations or apology or notifications. As expected most times the phones go unanswered, too. Especially, after one has informed them of the outage, subsequent calls to find out the cause or the duration will not be answered. 

What are the residents to deduce from these constant outages? And how are we supposed to plan our work for the day? And will this disgusting, unaccountable company going to EVER take responsibilty for its irresponsible actions?

We are VERY TIRED and FED UP of this!!!

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