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Re: [Fwd: Re: The Charcoal sellers saga, continues..... follow-up - 2]


Another Canter full of charcoal has just arrived a few minutes ago, 8.20 pm to be exact. I cannot make out the registration number of it properly but this time it's a KAZ 038T or J!

It's been quite a while this time since he ran out of supply nearly a month before this consignment arrived just now. And I thought that the reason for this long delay was because something had been done about it to stop it. How wrong I was! This, will remain a pipe dream and like everything else in this country with this government, it will continue to remain just that - a pipe dream!!!

It will take about 2 hours, at least, to off load it, and unfortunately, I can do nothing about it, other than write this email.

Despite having a very bloated cabinet, I wonder, if anybody will take any positive action about this continued insolence. Our hard earned and ill affordable tax paying 'serfs' will continue paying while getting no 'service' from those we have elected to save our dwindling forests, it seems, among all the other services, too, of course and business will continue as usual....., ad infinitum!


lmuchungi@greenbeltmovement.org wrote on 08-Feb-08 2:00 PM:
Dear Razia,  We have had problems with the internet for sometime, I regret that it has not been possible for me to get to you in good time. Please allow us time to investigate this matter, with the Forest Department and other concerned stakeholders, I will get back to you and inform you on the progress on Monday. 

Regards Amy
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From: Raziya
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So, what is happening about this issue. You never got back to me.


Raziya wrote on 06-Feb-08 12:13 PM:


The following is the email that I wrote and sent to all these addresses this morning. Thanks for calling. I really appreciate this.

Salaams, Razia.

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Subject: Re: The Charcoal sellers saga, continues..... follow-up - 1
Date: Wed, 06 Feb :12:58 +0300
From: Raziya
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At around 9.30 am the same Mitsubishi Canter KAY 034A arrived and as I write this, they are off-loading the sacks of charcoal. I have tried ringing the Nairobi Forestry offices umpteen numbers of times but, for some reason best known to Telkom Kenya Ltd and the Forestry offices switchboard, none of the people whom I was put through to, could hear me! I wasted at least 10-15 minutes trying to get through over and over, again, to no avail. Next, I tried ringing the Green Belt Movement offices and while the lady at the other end could hear me, thank God, the person whom I could talk to is not available till after 10.00 or 11.00 am. But, at least, they took down my number (wireless), and promised to call me back as soon as she got to the office. Now, if you will read of my saga with this Charcoal dealer, below, you'll find that while officialdom sometimes does 'react', to my numerous and frantic calls, they don't deem it their duty to let me know if this is a legitimate business or not. In the process I waste a lot of my time, energy and money in trying to report a matter which might be on the up and up (so to speak), trying to save our dwindling forests. Hence, this email, again to all of you.


Raziya wrote on 15-Dec-07 10:29 PM:


After I wrote the following email, the cops arrived, but, as usual the whole neighbourhood gathered around them including this Charcoal dealer's mother (the one who had tried to push me down the stairs). I don't know what exactly they were telling the officers, but, they kept pointing to my flat. Immediately they left, my car alarm kept going off over and over again as somebody kept hitting the car! So, I called the OCS ( I couldn't get through to Mr. Tebeny, the DCIO, whom I'd called earlier), who assured me that these people had a permit to do this. I wonder if the officers were shown it. He also told me that due to the time of year and there being so many holidays, etc., and celebrations, this charcoal guy was doing the neighbourhood a service! Unfortunately, for him and the country's depleting forests, he has given the same reason previously many months ago to the forestry officers who wanted to see his permit which he didn't have. He told them a vague story about the supplier having it....., probably. As these forestry officials don't seem to find it necessary to let me (who informed them, in the first place), know if this business of his is legitimate or not, I have no idea if this guy has any such thing. If he does, than, why not just display this for all to see? And why should his mother and himself get so upset at me bringing in officialdom, everytime he gets a charcoal consignment? Add to this, it's such a lame and ridiculous excuse, when he says that he's doing a necessary 'service' to the neighbourhood! His mother has also, previously claimed that he will carry on with this business of his as they just have to pay off the officers who come by to 'make trouble', thanks to me. If you remember, this same guy is a suspect for smashing up my car on the night of 13th July 2007, because at that time he had also taken to keeping goats. When I'd asked him a number of times the reason for these, he'd given me a runaround telling me that they had been ordered by a neighbour who was soon going to have a wedding. This was neither here nor there and instead of the goats decreasing they increased into a herd with a glue-sniffing goat herd taking care of them. And when, officialdom eventually took action almost 3 months later on the 13th of July 2007, the result was malicious damage to my car in the night. This is also happening right under the noses of the Council employees. What is the Council's environment dept. doing about it? And how safe am I and my property, considering all the things that have happened to me, to date? The cops, as far as I'm concerned, can't seem to be bothered. It is so futile, in this country, to fight for justice, where there's very little of transparency, ethics and rule of law. And where money plays the most important part rather than integrity and doing one's duty. I just have one wish should I die as a result of all these threats and intimidations - that the people concerned will not let it be in vain, please.


CC The DCIO, Mr. Tebeny, Urban HQ
The OCS, Central Police, Msa

Raziya Mohamedali wrote at 5:06 PM :


I would have taken a photograph of the Mitsubishi Canter that is at present off-loading the sacks of charcoal. But, will and cannot do so due to reasons that you will read shortly. They will take at least 2 hours to do this and I have just rung the DCIO Mr. Tebeny on his mobile giving him the Canter's no. KAY 034A. I hope and pray that this time something will be done about this in a proper manner and my 'activities' of informing officialdom do not go in vain, considering that just last Tuesday this Charcoal dealer's mother, tried pushing me down the stairs. Fortunately, this happened in front of 3 witnesses, two of whom were my visitors from Canada. We went to report this latest incidence of direct threat and intimidation, to the police where we all wrote our own reports, signed them and I was given the following OB number - 67/11/12/07. When we returned home after a couple of hours (this the cops don't know), we found a black polythene bag inside kept on the other side of the gate at the top of my staircase. It contained a dead cat! It was 'freshly' dead as it hadn't started smelling, yet. So, I just disposed of it, though, the same 3 witnesses saw it, too, and after having experienced our cops attitude earlier, didn't bother reporting it. This can mean several things to different people, but, who and why was this cat's corpse deposited within my gate? Will the people concerned now take the necessary action....., even on a Saturday afternoon when they are trying to enjoy their weekend, off? I hope and pray that somebody dedicated enough will do so, this time round.


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