Saturday, April 26, 2008

Terrible noise..... all the time - day and night, the 10th reminder....

We've spent the whole of today listening to the most awful racket made by some organization calling itself 'Vision......(something), Professionals'! They have hired the Aga Khan School Grounds since morning and have been making noise to their hearts content.

These, so-called professionals have completely disregarded the fact that this is a residential area with hospitals, too. And what about the school authorities who hired their grounds? I called the headmistress, Ms. Lavingia, at around lunch time when I'd ascertained that the noise was coming from the school grounds. She told me that they had hired it till 5.00 pm and on my request agreed to tell them to reduce the volume.

Well, they did reduce the volume, but, if somebody wanted to rest or open the windows, the decibels would not allow one to do this. I wonder what is the condition of the patients at the hospitals is, after having spent half of last night listening to the noisy wedding going on next door at the MWA Hall and then the whole of today to the deafening noise from the school grounds which carried on till after 7.00 pm? And I can see the lights on again at the MWA Hall which signifies that we're in for another night of noisy merry making by some more selfish people!

The Adhan for Isha prayers has just been given, which means that immediately that the loud prayers are finished, it will be a signal for these people at MWA Hall to start their racket.

Does ANYBODY out there care about the gross violation of human rights of this neighbourhood? And I'm sure that ours is not the only one in this lawless country of ours, that suffers this. There are countless others and NOBODY in this government or the bodies set up to deal with such acts, seem to want to do anything about all this. That is the basic tragedy of this nation.

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