Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 163rd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

The water situation in Mombasa is going from worse to intolerable, now. Neighbourhoods are heading towards slum levels due to lack of sanitation and water. By sanitation, I mean cleanliness, i.e. rising uncollected garbage piles, thanks to our local council. These people are paid for this 'service' via our phantom water bills, yet, only work in fits and starts. And as written many times before, this is mostly in 'fits'!

Then, due to lack of enough water or none at all, it's difficult to maintain cleanliness all over including personal hygiene. Add to this the sweltering heat and humidity of Mombasa and you have many problems in the making.

Of course, the flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying mediums, add to our health problems. For example, when we can't wash our hands at regular intervals due to lack of water, and then shake hands with people, we're sharing the germs we have on them with others and they in turn will do the same and in no time we can start an epidemic! Also, food, before being cooked, needs to be washed which, in the absence or not enough water, can't be done thoroughly.

Therefore, this precious commodity is so very vital for our well being, yet, our bloated water sector, like our cabinet, doesn't seem to be working towards alleviating our problem. They are just pocketing our money (tax and phantom water bills), and business carries on as usual.....

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