Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 162nd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED & borehole digging (2)

Another week goes by and we don't have water and it's also the 3rd week since the latest neighbourhood borehole being re-dug, is still making a racket. It seems that they haven't reached the precious fluid, yet!

This is interesting as the neighbourhood well, too was being re-dug further yesterday. The ground water system is getting really strained, it would appear. Yet, NOBODY, out there is bothered. In the absence of rain, what would one expect? Yes, while it's raining in some parts of the country to flooding proportions, there is hardly anything showing up in Mombasa proper!

I also noted that our water company is not as efficient as it would like others to think for my bill, i.e. the name is still my late father's and the amount is also the same - including the phantom sewage charge! How do these people work? Yet, it's so strange that the only thing they are very efficient with are their phantom water bills. These arrive smack on time!!! Why is this so?

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