Saturday, April 26, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 9th reminder

This neighbourhood with the two hospitals in it, have, since yesterday, suffered incessant noise and at the time of writing this, there is some horrific drumming and singing going on. The noise is coming from the Aga Khan School's direction.

Last night, there was another, as envisaged, noisy, throbbing wedding taking place at the MWA Hall and when I called the cops, they promptly went to the place to get them to reduce the racket. It worked for a couple of hours and then at around 9.00 pm the noise steadily started increasing again, to it's previous levels. So, another phone call was in order and this time, too, I think, they came within a matter of 10-15 minutes. This, happened just after 10.00 pm. And mercifully, the goons making the racket wound up their act and peace descended on the neighbourhood.

But, just now, we have no idea what the latest noise is all about and who is making it and why. Only that it is so loud and vibrating type that we can feel and hear it all the way in our houses. I called the cops, but, we don't know if anything and when it will be done, about this latest disturbance to our peace.

Why do these people choose such nice and quiet neighbourhoods to hold their racket? And who is the person/s, who allow and permit these events with total disregard for the neighbourhood? Also, why isn't there a guideline as to how much 'noise' one can make ANYWHERE? That is, the number of decibels allowed!

Of course, the mosque/s are soon going to add to this comes time for afternoon prayers.... And tomorrow, the various churches are also going to join in.....

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