Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 14th reminder

The racket at MWA Hall started at 12.30 pm as expected and the irony is that despite sending these emails to the various people concerned with these noises (religious type), nobody is taking any action.

And despite there being a law regarding noise making - irrespective of whether it's religious or otherwise, and which should be applied immediately by NEMA, I wonder what the reason for their (NEMA), continued existence, is? They are acting like our parasite like politicians, i.e. not worth the salary they are paid at the tax payer's expense.

Of late, I've offered a number of alternative solutions to this continued pesty behaviour but, that too has completely by-passed these people's attention and I suspect, has not even penetrated their brains.

The mosques, too, continue their noisy prayers despite this email being sent to the head of the Council of Imams and Preachers, Shk. Muhammad Dor. I would suggest to him that he gets somebody who understands English to read them out to him and he listen with an objective and humble mind with the Qur'an and the Sunnah in mind.

Do these people really believe in a God and the hereafter? I very much doubt it!

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