Monday, April 21, 2008

Religious and incessant other noise - the 6th reminder

This is another reminder to the powers that be and whoever among the recipients is in-charge of religion.

Despite having suffered most of yesterday from the neighbourhood church's awful noise, my continued 'reminders' seem to have little effect on the pastor or the congregation as they are going to be making more noise over the lunch hours, every single weekday, too. As they have been doing since months on end, now. They are at it, just now! Hence, this email. And more will follow till such a time that the rule of law is applied, not just here, but, everywhere else.

Let us see, how many reminders over, how many years, it will take for anybody out there to do anything about it....

The mosque's Imam, seems to have reduced a little of his racket, but, the same cannot, unfortunately, be said about this church. Since when did Christians worship (officially), on days other than Saturdays or Sundays? Is this some new innovation on their part? Maybe, they are trying to show the Muslims that they are as 'holy' as them....? But, whatever the case (they can ALL worship as and when they like), they have no business disturbing others.

And in this case, there's a whole residential neighbourhood as well as two hospitals within hearing distance of their racket.

Do things ever change in our lawless country? While there are environmental laws regarding noise issues, NEMA, seems to act selectively when applying these laws. They put a stop to a similar noise making church in Karen, recently and regarding the noisy mosque in Nyali, despite there being a law regarding noise, the residents (around this mosque), had to take court action to stop them using public address systems.

These people are from 'rich' and 'exclusive' neighbourhoods and therefore NEMA, etc., seems to have gone out of it's way to impose this rule. What of the other neighbourhoods like ours? Aren't the people living in such areas humans and what of human rights?

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